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Cooking Classes Made Fun and Interesting

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Are you eager to become a master chef and make name one day among your friends, neighbours and colleagues? If you have passion for cooking and want to get to the next level for becoming an expert, all you need to do is to join any good cooking class that is conducted by a well-known master chef. Irrespective of the number of times that you try your hand in the kitchen trying to come out with innovative recipes, you are sure to find something or the other missing in the menu.

Cooking Classes Made Fun and Interesting

Becoming a Master Chef

Once you undertake the master chef classes, you are sure to learn a lot how to be organized, how to get things done, how to think as a master chef and obviously how to become one. To achieve this, you do not have to wait for a long time or to get aged. What you need to do is to simply check out the cooking classes that are being held currently. The city of Bangalore does host numerous cooking class sessions that are held by some of the reputed master chefs of the country.

Getting to know the cooking classes in Bangalore

Course: Shobha Indani Culinary Workshop

Organized by: Purvi Hirani

Date: Saturday, 22nd October, 2016

Time: 10 am – 6 pm

Location: Godwad Bhawan, Central Bangalore

Fees: Rs.1800/-

Details: In this course, you are taught to prepare 40+ types of mouth-watering, delicious dishes by the master chef herself. You are sure to be introduced to pure vegetarian delights, salads, shorbas, starters, snacks, Italian, Mughlai, Mexican, puddings, desserts, salad carving, diwali special, Shobha Indani Signature Dishes and much more!! You are sure to be delighted learning new recipes that can help you to become the most beloved person back at home.

Besides the above, there are also other types of cooking classes that are held for every age like little chef that is targeted at teens and young children allowing them to prepare much easier, but delicious items. Then there is of course bakery, where you are taught to bake different types of cakes, using variety of ingredients and to decorate them much to your liking and preferences. If you and your family love chocolates, then there are held chocolate baking classes, where you are introduced to a whole new world of chocolate preparation. This is sure to delight everyone in the family and make you a real hero amidst them.

Knowing the Top Organizers

There are some of the popular and well known cooking class organizers who have been time and again hosting classes throughout the year to teach their students to become experts in cooking. Some of the top organizers conducting cooking sessions in the city of Bangalore, time and again are Jus’ Trufs, Something’s Cooking Culinary, Chef Happy, Manju’s Cooking Class, Cook and Bake with Deepali, Slurp Studio, Alliance Francaise de Bangalore and others.

It is only a careful selection that can make you and your family happy and have everyone licking their fingers.

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