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Different Types Of Sports and Their Benefits

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When it comes to having kids it is important that you encourage them to play sports, there are a wide variety of sports available for example, football, rugby, netball, cricket, hockey and plenty more. However, many people do not know what the benefits are of playing these sports are, especially from a young age. So what are the benefits of playing these sports?


There are plenty of health benefits when it comes to playing football, this is because the game consists of sprinting, walking and jogging. Not only this but it has been said to build strength and muscle, tone you and improve coordination. Adding to this the sport teaches discipline which is essential for any kid and also allows kids interact and build relationships with their fellow team mates and their leader.


What are the benefits of playing netball from a young age? Well there are plenty and these are only some of them… Netball is a team sport which helps kids develop key team work skills not to mention leadership skills if they end up being the captain. The sport also gives you a great cardiovascular workout due to sprinting, jumping and jogging, therefore building flexibility and strength. You’re able to build friendships with your fellow team mates and improve your health at the same time.


Different Types Of Sports and Their Benefits

Cricket has been a popular sport for many years; it is one of the favourites amongst old and young and has plenty of health benefits. Some of these health benefits include an improvement in balance, coordination and flexibility, not to mention like the others it is also a great cardio work out. But cricket also allow you to develop key social skills which you can use in later life. If you’re already a part of cricket team and want to go on a cricket tour, then take a look at:, and see what tour they can organise for you and your team mates.


Rugby is one of the most thrilling and adrenalin rushing sports, the sport has been said to build strength and muscle and has been named one of the best sports for reducing stress. Adding to this the sport improves your mental state and helps kids develop key life skills, such as teamwork and leadership.


Hockey has been said to help burn fat and calories, not only this but it boosts your metabolism due to the start-stop nature of the game and is a great full body workout. The sport is popular amongst both males and females, old and young and is said to improve communication and balance.

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