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Exceptional Software Strategies Explains How To Keep Children Safe Online

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The internet is now the go-to place for all things information in this country and, in fact, the world. It is now part of our culture. This is shown, for instance, by the fact that the name of a company – Google – is now an accepted noun and even verb – to google – meaning that it doesn’t even have to be capitalized anymore. As beneficial as the internet is to us, it also poses a number of big problems. One of those is that children can be exposed to things they should not see yet at their age. There are filters on radio and television, but the internet is, by and large, 100% uncensored. This is why, according to Exceptional Software Strategies, it is so important that parents put parental controls in place. This ensures their children do not see the things they should be protected from.

Exceptional Software Strategies Explains How To Keep Children Safe Online

Exceptional Software Solutions Goes Beyond Parental Controls

One of the main issues that parents encounter when they use parental controls, is that their children know how to get around it. Another problem is that it is sometimes so restrictive, that children cannot access the sites that they do have to get to. Often, a whole list of websites is added as standard to the controls, and this cannot be changed. Meanwhile, content that is often highly inappropriate, such as specific comments and images on social media, aren’t filtered at all. This is why many parents now use online monitoring programs instead. This ensures that they can see what their children do, and address it as and when required.

The Benefits of Online Monitoring Programs

When an online monitoring program is installed, parents can track everything their children do online. They see which websites they go to, what they search for, and which instant messages they send and receive. Children face a lot of dangers on the internet, including grooming, bullying, and explicit content. At the same time, what children do online could be of danger to the computer, as they could expose it to viruses and other malware. An online monitoring program ensures parents know what their children are doing and what they are receiving.

Modern Age Parenting Tools

Parental control software is no longer fit for purpose. It doesn’t truly protect children because it takes an all or nothing (blocked or not blocked) approach. It also restricts your children and stops them from really benefiting from the internet. Furthermore, parental controls do not protect your devices from outside attacks. Did you know that some 20% of children who are online have been the victim of sex solicitation? This really shows that you cannot ignore what your children are doing online. You must have a program in place that ensures your children are safe at all times.

Exceptional Software Solutions is keen to help parents find a way to ensure their children can use all the fantastic things the internet offers, while at the same time not putting them in any danger.

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