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How To Plan Your First Casino Trip

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I often need to stay in hotels across the States for my job and entertaining yourself is something which you need be able to do. There are a lot of times that I need to spend alone when I am on the road and one of my favorite things to do is hit the casino. I love hotels with casinos in them, just last month I was in the mightily impressive Bicycle Casino Hotel in California which has the biggest casino floor on the West Coast. I am a responsible gambler so I never get into any money troubles, I just like to have a flutter, and watch the people. One thing I always see in casinos is first timers, you can spot them a mile away. As someone who spends so much time in casinos, I wanted to give you some tips on being a first timer in a casino.

How To Plan Your First Casino Trip

Watch First

When you first enter the casino, don’t jump straight in, instead walk around the casino a little, watch some of the tables and see how things go down. If you are able to find a table where people are actively gambling, there is nothing wrong with sitting and watching them for a while to see how they go about it. Make sure that you spend about 20 minutes before deciding on where you will lay your money.

Have a Figure in Mind

When you are coming up with a number of how much money to spend at the casino, the best practice is to think about what you can afford to lose. Naturally you don’t want to go into the casino thinking about losing all of your money but this is the best way to approach it. Ultimately you need to consider walking out of the casino with nothing, and work out how much is best to lose so that you can be safe in the knowledge that you had a good time.

Do Your Research

If you don’t know how to play the casino games available, do your research before you go in. You can find a huge amount of how-to guides and tutorials on somewhere like YouTube that can help prepare you with strategies, tactics and the basics of each game. You don’t need to be a genius to have fun in the casinos, you just need to understand the basics of how to play the game.

Speak With Croupiers

Croupiers are very accustomed to newbies coming into the casino and requiring help and there is nothing at all wrong with asking them to explain one or two things for you. If possible, try to find a table with nobody else but you there, roulette and blackjack are great games to play when looking for quiet tables. If you are able to find a quiet table then your croupier will be able to spend a lot more time explaining things to you and teaching you the ropes.

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