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Items Which I Simply Cannot Travel Without

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I have done a fair bit of traveling in the last 5 years and having visited over 50 countries in that time, it is fair to say that I have become something of a travel professional. I love travel so much, I first got the buzz when I went to Mexico after college with my buddy Gregory Lindae and ever since then, I have pretty much traveled continuously throughout the Americas, Asia and Europe.

Items Which I Simply Cannot Travel Without

One problem which I always seem to have when traveling is knowing what to pack, but there are some essentials which I always make sure that I have with me.

Portable Wifi

Almost everything that I do revolves around having an internet connection and I use the net to work, to stay in touch with friends and to check in on what is going on in the world. As much as we live in a world where there is wifi just about everywhere, there are still many instances where you simply don’t have it. It was precisely for this reason that I invested in a portable wifi device, a device which uses mobile data to give you wifi that you can use with your laptop and your gadgets, never leave home without it.


There is one item of clothing that goes into my suitcase before anything else and that is a scarf. The reason for this is because it has so many different uses and as someone who likes to pack light, multifunctional clothing is the perfect solution. I use my scarf as a pillow, as something to use to keep me warm, a headscarf to protect me from the sun and even as a mouth cover when there is sand flying all over the place.


I am not the type of person who pops a pill overtime that I have the slightest issue but there are some moments in life when you simply cannot avoid it. There is nothing worse than traveling when you have a pounding headache or diarrhea and so I always make sure that I have some paracetamol and some Imodium in my bag with me. I can’t tell you how many times these tablets have saved the day for me and I always make sure that there are some in my case.


About 2 years ago I stumbled upon this amazing wash bag which you can use to do your laundry when you are on the road. During those times I could never afford to go to the launderette and washing clothes in a sink became a real pain. This bag is lightweight and folds up super small so that you can fit it into your case and it is perfect for washing clothes. Basically add your clothes in with some detergent and a bit of water, swish them around a little and then leave them for around 30 minutes.

What can you not leave home without? Let us know in the comments below.

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