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DSL Modems and Routers – Simple, Smart and Speedy Wi-Fi

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Today, the manufacturing companies offer a broad range of innovative DSL routers and modem for possible prices. In fact, now many homes have several devices that need a powerful and steady Wi-Fi signal. One of the best choices of DSL modems and routers offered by the NETGEAR, which is compatible with the DSL service providers in order to satisfy each type of networking needs in the home. With the advancement of latest and quickest networking technology, the NETGEAR has provided the innovative networking products that make it easy to use.

DSL Modems and Routers – Simple, Smart and Speedy Wifi

Find the Best DSL Modems on the Internet

The DSL stands for Digital Subscriber Line modem, which is a device used for connecting the device or PC to the telephone line. It provides a great service for user connectivity to the internet in the most efficient way. This DSL modem is also known as DSL broadband that has widely used to describe the modem. Actually, the DSL modems are connected to the single computer via the USB port, Ethernet port or you can be installed it on your computer PCI slot. One of the most commonly used DSL routers is a standalone device that can combine the function of both a router and a DSL modem.

The great thing about DSL modem is able to connect the multiple computers through an internet wireless access point and multiple Ethernet ports. This router can take the responsibility of managing the connection as well as sharing the DSL service in a small office network and home. This type of router consists of RJ11 jack that can be used to connect the standard subscriber telephone line. Some of the most important features included in the DSL motors and routers are given below,

  • Power adapter
  • Ethernet cable
  • Owner’s manual
  • Phone cable and filter
  • NETGEAR dual band wireless router

Product Features of DSL Modems and Routers

Wireless- N technology – The DSL modem is made with dual band 2.4 and 5.0 GHz wireless technology that provides improved speed. It also featured with optimize HD video streaming, multi downloads, web surfing and online gaming.

Wireless-N data transfer rates- Once your device connected to the media, you will get fast speed of internet up to 300 + 300 Mbps data transfer rates.

WPA, WEP and WPA2-PSK security- The DSL router provides complete safeguard security for your network from the unwanted intruders as well as harmful web traffic. It has Live Parental Control to offer additional protection against the unauthorized internet usage.

Backward compatible to work with 802.11a/g/b networks- It can facilitate the upgrades as quickly as possible.

SSID network access capability- If you are the guest users, it helps to secure your network by offering individual security as well as the access restrictions.

Built-in switch of 4-port Gigabit Ethernet- The DSL router contains 4 ports that are able to connect up to 4 computers. It also consists of two ready SHARE USB ports to access, connect and share a storage device from the outside network.

Use WI-Fi protected setup to push “N” connect capability- It enables the user to access fast and easy installation on the network through the specific web browser.

The NETGEAR manufacturers are dedicated in providing a variety of DSL routers and modems based on their needs. They deliver the amazing tools and solutions to the customers that are highly productive, connected and satisfied. When it comes to your network, it is very important to select the right choice of modem or router based on the different applications. Whether you are a small business or large organization, you just share an access and ideas more safely with this router. All you need to do is to connect the remote locations safely and then access the tools to perform.

If you want to connect devices on the network to the internet, first of all you should be connected to the router or modem. Most of the routers usually have a particular Ethernet port that is specially designed for connecting the DSL modem or cable of the Ethernet port. When compared to the voice-band modems, the data transfer rate of DSL modem is DSL Modems and DSL Routers 10 to 20 times of the voice-band modem. Unlike other types of modems, the DSL modems do not interfere with any telephone calls via a telephone line.

If you are using the external DSL modems, these are connected by Microsoft Windows, USB and other operating systems could be considered as the Network interface controllers. However, its frequencies are ranging from 25 KHz to above 1MHz. The data speed of these DSL modems can vary according to the different types of modems. Therefore, the DSL modems are quiet interesting for consumers, when it comes to buying and using it.You can find more information about networks on this site :

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