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Luxury Dubai Holiday, 4 Must See Tourist Attractions

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Dubai for many is their dream destination. The rich and glamorous lifestyle, modern luxuries, best architectural exhibits, adventure opportunities, decades old culture, and many more – make Dubai one of the most frequented cities on Earth. Backpackers from India also throng to the city in large masses and the flights from New Delhi to Dubai remain busy throughout the year. Given below are some of the most popular Dubai tourist attractions.

A few tips for the aspiring tourists visiting Dubai: it’s a Muslim nation and should be honored as such. So while there’s lots of nightclubs and bars available, one shouldn’t be seen rolling around the roads in a stupor. Additionally the weather is usually quite hot, but that doesn’t excuse wearing revealing clothes in public places like shopping malls. In the end, pay respect to the traditions, customs, and beliefs and you’ll be welcomed wholeheartedly and enjoy your stay in the almost crime-free environment.

Dubai today is a global city attracting people from different walks of life. It is one of the richest cities in the globe, home high-rises with the richest residents, hotels, offices, and more. It will be right to say that almost every corner here is full of luxuries of life and simply entices. However, that doesn’t dominate the historical and traditional aspects of Dubai in any way. It is one of the oldest cities in the globe and you can best see the old aspect still striving in the narrow streets of the city. In fact, Dubai is the one perfect destination to spend the vacation. No wonder the flights from New Delhi to Dubai remain busy throughout the year.

 Luxury Dubai Holiday, 4 Must See Tourist Attractions

Top most popular attractions of Dubai:

The Burj Khalifa

It is the tallest structure in the world and immediately grabs your attention the minute you arrive in Dubai. Soaring above the city like a giant needle shaped spacecraft, it is indeed a wonder of modern design and technology. The chance to see the city from your observation deck on the 134th flooring just isn’t to be missed; night or day the view is just breathtaking.

The Dubai Mall

This mall is just enormous, with something for everyone indoors. Eating and the shopping are nearly a side draw. With a 22-screen theater; a giant Aquarium with an underwater zoo; an indoor theme park, called Sega World; Kidzania, which is a world for kids; and a full-sized ice rink, you name it and you’ll get it. Only make sure you be wearing shoes that are comfortable. What’s more, acting as icing on the cake, there is the Dubai Fountain where shows are organized every day starting at 6 pm.

Enjoying Skiing in Ski Dubai

Ski Dubai at the Mall of the Emirates offers a truly excellent ski experience, with the longest run. You can enjoy some hours of fun and tell your friends back home that you did skiing in perhaps the hottest place on Earth. All facilities including skates, lockers, etc. are provided. Insider tip: If you’ve got children with you, head straight to the snow park and let them slide down the inflated tubes.


Everyone needs to know when they are in Dubai, which is the one place where they can go to enjoy that special meal. You won’’t be short of choices because there are numerous restaurants and eateries. Almost every possible cuisine can be savored in varied price ranges; from the cheapest to those costing a fortune to some. Yet, for that one special night out, a Japanese restaurant with a lively pub will be ideal. Zuma for example, is an excellent Japanese eatery in Dubai. Superb staff and the open kitchen ensure a memorable dining experience. Bookings are absolutely essential. Insider tip: Be sure to not pass up on their signature Gindara no saikyo miso yaki and black cod dish.

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