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Complete Guide: 7 Ways To Clean Your Floors With Your Vacuum Cleaner

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A wise man once said, “Cleanliness is next to Godliness.”  Expecting a clean environment is not equivalent to asking for a luxury but equivalent to a necessity in every setting. Clean environments imply dust-free table tops and furniture, clean bathrooms, timely-changed garbage cans and spic and span floors. With the advent in technology, cleanliness of floors has become very easy to maintain with the availability of products such as the vacuum cleaner in the market – consumers even have the option to buy vacuum cleaners online these days. It is not only important to make the most of your newly bought vacuum cleaner but also important to ensure that it lasts long enough and keeps functioning smoothly. Given below are tips and tricks to clean your floors using a vacuum cleaner and ways to keep your vacuum cleaner healthy and functioning properly:

Complete Guide 7 Ways To Clean Your Floors With Your Vacuum Cleaner

  • 7  Tips to Use Your Vacuum Cleaner Effectively 
  1. Vacuum repeatedly

Use your vacuum cleaner more than once on the same area in order to clean better. Vacuuming over an area just once does the job only partially. To achieve the best results, it is best to run the vacuum cleaner over and over again on the same area until you rid it of all the dust and hair. Changing your angle while going over the area being cleaned can also help with cleaning better.

  1. Watch-out for the canister or the bag

It is best to monitor how full the bag or the canister is at any given point in time. A canister or bag that is too full may hinder with effective functioning of the vacuum cleaner by clogging its machinery.

  1. Remove stains, if any, before vacuuming

Vacuum cleaners suck the dust, dirt and stray hair strands off your floors.  It is wrong to expect them to wipe off the stains of your carpets and floor mats. Prior to using your vacuum cleaner on stained carpets, it is best practice to steam the stains and make them less prominent.

  1. Manually pick objects that are bound choke your machine

Before turning that vacuum cleaner on to commence cleaning, manually pick objects that are too big to reach the canister or bag of the vacuum cleaner safely.  Such objects often end up getting caught in the machinery of the vacuum cleaner, rendering temporary or permanent damage to it; these objects may also end up breaking some fragile vacuum cleaner component.

  1. Vacuuming the floor rugs

Adjust the vacuum cleaner setting to suit the rug you are vacuuming. Different rugs are made of different materials and mandate different vacuum cleaner settings. It is possible that your vacuum cleaner may accidently get fixated on the outer edge of the rug chafing it severely. In order to avoid rendering any damage to your rug, clean deeply and iteratively in the middle of the rug and only lightly towards the peripheries.

  1. Dusting all other furniture prior to vacuuming

Clear every other nook and cranny of your house – from cupboards, racks, curtains and bed sheets to ceiling fans and tube lights – before setting out to vacuum your floors; it is very important to become patrons of the chronological order. This is because dust from all other furniture is bound to scatter and settle down finally only on the floors and carpets; cleaning the floors and floor rugs before clearing the dust of all other pieces of furniture will only spoil the just cleaned floors and render them dusty all over again.

  1. Read the instruction manual

Last, but not the least, ensure you have read and understood the instruction manual of your vacuum cleaner properly. Different vacuum cleaners differ in their features and have to be operated and treated differently. The best way to make the most of your vacuum cleaner would be to use it in an optimum manner post reading the instruction manual the device comes packed with.

  • Quick Maintenance Tips And Tricks For Your Vacuum Cleaners
  1. Keep a tab on the noise levels of your vacuum cleaner; any aberration may imply an impending visit to the repair store.
  2. Keep monitoring the levels of dust accumulated in the dust bag; ensure it is not on the verge of brimming with dust, lest you may clog your vacuum cleaner.
  3. Do not accidently tug at the cord of your vacuum cleaner.

In addition to adhering to the above rules to maintain, both, your vacuum cleaner and the cleanliness of your floors and carpets, it is also important to buy vacuum cleaners from some of the best brands in the market.  Some of the most reliable and reputed brands are Klindex, Astol, Eureka Forbes and Stanley Black and Decker; the vacuum cleaners of these brands are very reasonably priced.

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