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Car Preferences: TOP Popular Cars For Americans

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American cars are impressive. It can be really difficult to get answer the question: What cars do Americans prefer? Why? This is a country of people with the different payment ability. So, it is important to consider this fact to get the right answer.

Poor Income

So, American immigrants use different cars. It can be the car of 7-12 years old that is no more than 5000$. Lazy people (those, who don’t want to work and want to get the financial help from the country) always get financial help from the country they live in. Of course, the sum is not big. It is enough to buy food and clothes, but not a good car. So, the people from this category usually drive any old thing. This group also includes the single women or families with many children. The car brand is not important. All they need is a cheap price.


Middle Class

The people of the middle class usually drive a car that is 10-20 000 $. These people work hard and they are able to buy a good car, but not the cool car. Everything is important: car quality, crash tests, price, gas consumption. How about the new KIA for 18 000$? Of course, the best popular car of this class is Honda Civic, Nissan, and Chevrolet.

High Caliber People

Rich people never mind the car price or gas consumption. There is one thing that is important for them – car brand. The brand of the car that they are going to buy must be cool and the car is up-to-date then. The best popular car in the USA is Range Rover. Porsche, Mercedes and BMW are also popular. How about Bentley or Maserati? These cars cost big money, it’s about 200-300 000 $.

Other People

There is one more group of people. They usually follow their life view to buy a new car. For example, cowboys or farmers prefer driving track. It’s like their family business: everyone uses a track. Hippie group likes old and challenged cars – jeeps, Volkswagen from the 60th, mini vans. There are many people, who prefer using just American cars – Ford, Dodge, Chevrolet. Honda, Toyota and Mercedes are cars that they never use.

1957 Ford Thunderbird

TOP Cars that Rich Americans Usually Drive

The most of people think that rich Americans with the year income of thousands and thousands of dollars, can drive a very expensive cars. Of course, it suddenly happens that the rich people buy Maserati or Porsche for fun. It was also investigated that the cars of the premium class are mostly popular. This is the life culture of the USA. So, what kinds of cars do they usually drive? It is surprising but people that earn about 250 000 per year, prefer plain and simple cars. So, what are they?

Ford F-Series

This is the best-selling car in the USA. It is amazing, but Ford is still popular for rich people. Are you surprised? Pickup trucks were always in honor for all and everyone.

Jeep Grand Cherokee

So, this is a good off-roader that attracts rich drivers. The car boasts its good off-road qualities and roomy body. The car is especially attractive for nature lovers and rich people with their big families. Why not? It is very convenient?

Jeep Wrangler

This car model is simpler than Grand Cherokee, but it is good for off-roads. The rich people also like nature travelling.

Lexus RX

Meet the premium-class car. Everything is impressive here: comfortable and reliable crossover with lots of additional functions and options. This is a good choice for business men!


No comments. The high-coast premium-class SUV boasts the good driving abilities and never-ending list of the additional options. The car is convenient inside and outside.

Ford Explorer

Rich Americans like driving this kind of crossover. Of course, it is considered to be the cheapest car in the section of cars for rich people.

Toyota Highlander

This is the practical and reliable crossover. It is especially good to play the role of the only one car for the family. The car is good for everything.

Honda Pilot

Meet another Mediterranean crossover from Japan. There are many interesting versions of this car. You may choose any of them.

Honda CR-V

It is amazing, but this sort of car is also popular in the high society. By the way, the car takes the leading position among the rest cars in the same class.

Honda Accord

The only one sedan that is easily included in the TOP list is Honda Accord. It’s amazing, but rich Americans prefer buying Honda to Audi, BMW or Mercedes.

Honda Accord sedan 4D 2006  041

TOP Cars that American Students Usually Drive

Probably, the most of you noticed from the Hollywood films that American students used to drive the cool cars. Of course, you can see the up-to-date modern cars on the parking places at the universities. By the way, American kids learn to drive the car very early. Every big city is full of the USA Under 21 car rental locations. Adult kids are able to practice driving whenever they go: another state, city, and province. It is very convenient.

So, if you go along the parking places of the most popular American universities, you can see the priorities in cars: Ford, Toyota, Honda, Chevrolet, Dodge, WV, Huyndai, Mazda, Chrysler, Volvo, Saturn, Kia, BMW. Students like saving their money. They try to work in the restaurants and university campuses – library, laboratory. Speaking about the big cities, the situation is different, but not very much. The price for education is about 20 000$ per year.

Dynamic Images Photo Conf - Gina Mustang

There are many students that take money from their parents to pay for education. There are also many students who study on the credit. There are special credits for education. By the way, American students don’t like doctoral degree. It means that they have to take about 4-5 years of education to pay for. Graduates try to find a job after they graduated the university. What about cars? Oh, the car has no meaning when you have to pay for credit.

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