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Best Cars For Travel In Lisbon

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Lisbon is one of the most ancient capitals of the world and it is also called still “the city on seven hills”. There is a great variety of sights in this picturesque city – Belem Tower, St. George’s Castle, Lisbon Oceanarium, Santa Justa Lift, Lisbon Zoo and various museums and historical monasteries. With this abundance of historical and cultural monuments, Lisbon is often called “the pearl of the Portuguese cities.”

However, in order to visit all the interesting places and enjoy the spectacular views of Lisbon, the traveler cannot do without transport. Having arrived in Portugal, you will find yourself primarily at the Portela airport, and it will be a starting point of your journey. If you want to hire a car at Lisbon airport, it is necessary to book in advance (it will be much cheaper than to rent a car on site or in the office).

How to choose the most profitable version of the car? There exists a large amount of different sites and companies where you can reserve the selected car. It is worth to remember that each country and each location is characterized by a certain type of vehicles, for example, you won’t travel across Alaska on Lada Sedan, or around the desert on a cabriolet.

Let us consider the list of the most popular cars of the last years for a family trip to Lisbon:

Toyota Camry hybrid

Toyota Camry Hybrid is the front-wheel five-seater sedan of E- class. It attracts by its elegance and a modern sports style. The convenient spacious interior made of soft plastic and comfortable seats will make your trip quieter and more pleasant, and the existence of the multimedia Entune system will not force you to miss. In the car there is an USB port and the wireless charging system compatible to some models of smartphones. Except 10 airbags, there is a lot of modern security technologies, including the Pre-Collision System, Adaptive Cruise Control, Lane Departure Alert and a Blind Spot monitor. The fuel consumption of this model at high speed can be up to 7 liters per 100 km.

2013 Honda Accord

Honda Accord is the powerful Sedan class car of the 9th generation with the updated economic and eco-friendly engine. Refined harmony of its exterior is emphasized with sharp lines of a cowl, massiveness of a bumper, the extended recognizable logo and chrome trim of details. The advanced LED headlights of improved visibility, integrated tailpipe and modern radiator successfully complete the image of the updated Honda Accord. Despite its elegant exterior, Honda has many other advantages. Accord offers new sports transmission CVT, which gives the car a smoother ride, better dynamics of acceleration and lower fuel consumption. On this machine, you will feel at ease.


Chevrolet Impala – restrained and stunning design is the main feature of this car. Stylish and comfortable interior made as a wood trimmed with high-quality suede and perforated leather gives the car elegance. Chevrolet Impala 2015 has a range of two powerful and efficient engines: the standard 2.5-liter with start / stop technology and the 3.6-liter V6 which id the most powerful in the segment. Fuel consumption on the 2.5-liter engine is about 10.7 liters per 100 km around the city and 7.6 liters per 100 km on the highway. The OnStar system with 4G LTE and the standard built-in hotspot (Wi-Fi) provides a mobile center for the driver and passengers, with which you can stay connected with the world day and night. In addition, Impala 2015 is equipped with a variety of security features, including 10 standard airbags, adaptive cruise control, warning system of changing lanes, a system for monitoring the lateral blind spots, a rearview camera, a warning system for vehicles moving in the transverse direction and the parking assistance.

Subaru Outback

Subaru Outback is a spacious functional crossover of SUV segment. This model is a great choice for a family trip. The exterior of the machine is confident enough, sporty and at the same time elegant. The car received LED optics, a new infotainment system with a touch screen, navigation system, 18-inch wheel disks, a spoiler and climate control. In addition, the driver can use the system of a smart actuator SI-Drive, and the help system X-Mode when driving off-road. The salon attracts attention with its size and convenience. The car has a capacious baggage compartment of 512 liters. Fuel consumption makes up to 10 liters in the city and 6,3 liters on the route. One of the most important features of this car the all-wheel drive.


Toyota Sienna is a five-door minivan of L – class. If you have a large family of 5-7 members – this car is for you. The basic equipment includes the seven-seater saloon, seven airbags, stabilization system, three-zone climate control, MP3 audio system with four loudspeakers, cruise control, electro resetting of front seats, keyless access. Toyota Sienna has a 3.5-liter petrol V6 and automatic 6-speed transmission. Fuel consumption on a countryside is about 10 liters per 100 km, around the city – about 14 liters per 100 km.

To avoid problems with the trip it is necessary to take with yourself all the necessary documents, especially your passport, the international passport and the driving license. Foreign drivers can use the driver license received in the homeland, but it must be translated into English. Tourists who plan to remain in the country for more than three months must receive the local driver license.

It is important to know! In Lisbon there are toll roads (e.g. the hanging bridge 25 de Abril), the payment for which is carried out on the transponder.

On the territory of the village the maximum speed must be about 50 km / h. Outside of the village, you can travel at a speed of 90 km / h, and on the highway – 100 km / h.

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