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Be COOL In Miami: TOP 20 Car Brands That You Often See In Florida

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Miami is a big blue dream for the most of people. This is the place of celebrities and ritzy cars. People like this place and dream of visiting the city on the Atlantic seacoast. You have a chance to face to face with the notable people in spite of that fact that they try to keep their life and houses in secret. Nevertheless, you can really meet someone. Miami is famous not only with glorious people to meet but ritzy cars to buy or take for rent. If you come to Florida for weekend you should hire a car in Miami and go to Miami Beach. Oh, your car must be top-rate. Otherwise, you feel out-of-date.

Fcome to Miami ord Mustang Convertible

Cabriolet is the most popular car in Miami. The cult car was renewed in 2005. It is equipped with V6 engine to have 210 horse powers.

Lincoln Town Car

This car was the favorite car for the most of super starts many years ago. The Town Car is not very popular now. You can see it just for special occasions like wedding or other celebrations.

Dodge Challenger

The glorious car was the worthy competitor with Ford Mustang, Chevrolet Camaro and Pontiac Firebird. Of course, the best thing it has is engine from Hemi.

Hummer H3

This is the smallest car in the model list. It is made on a base of universal and pickup body in the factories of the USA. The years of active sales were 2005-2010. The car is also made on the platform GMT345 that is used for Chevrolet Colorado/GMC Canyon.

Chevrolet Camaro

This is the legend car that is still popular all over the world. You can see the bright Corvettes of bright yellow color here and there in Miami.

GMC 3500HD

This car is American project that is good for long and wide roads. It is also good for pickup campers. Actually, the car does not care what to sling. It has 6-liters powerful engine!

Cadillac Escalade

If you want to buy this car you should choose the newest model. Traditionally, it is popular for singers, sportsmen and just cool people in America. Be cool and buy Cadillac!

2015 Cadillac Escalade Reveal-116.jpg

Nissan 370Z

There are two variants of this car, with the car roof and cabriolet. The car has sport Japanese body, bright appearance and rear wheel-drive. The engine power is 332 horse powers. What a pleasant fact!

Ford Crown Victoria

Meet the most popular police car in the USA. This is a police car that is out of date now but it is still used in Miami by Florida Police. The car boasts with the powerful frame construction, hard and solid body – all you need for the effective race.

Plymouth Prowler

The car from Chrysler was produced in the small groups at the end of the 90th. The engine is 3.5, V6, rear wheel-drive, automatic transmission. There are no more than 12 000 of car units.

Chevrolet Bel Air

This car was the most expensive car in 1959. This concrete car was produced in 1955-1957. The slogan for sale was The Hot One! It is really hot! It was sold about 773 000 of Bel Air cars of different modifications during the year.

Ferrari California

Do you like sport cars? You can see many different sport cars in Miami! The most popular of them is sport car of the famous Italian producer Cabriolet. It is fast and expensive! The car was firstly represented in 2008. It is best-selling car in Miami and Monaco.

Chevrolet Corvette Stingray

The newest generation of the legendary car was firstly represented in 2013. The model is equipped with V8 engine, 466 horse powers. It can be also equipped with 6-level automatic transmission or 7-level mechanic driving. If you are good driver, this car is for you. Anyway, the most of local drivers have a juicy insurance.

Chevrolet Corvette Sting Ray

Porche 911 Carrera

The legendary German sport car is a winner of numerous competitions and achievements. The car has own style and impressive face. It is out of date and out of tendencies. What is more, the car boot is located in the point where the most of cars has their engines.

Ferrari 458 Italia

The Italian super car was built according to the classic scheme. The world popular auto agency Pininfarina was responsible for car design. The engine has 8 cylinders, 570 horse powers. The maximum speed is 325 kilometers per hour. This is the best and the most impressive creature from Ferrari. Do you really want to know the price?

Bentley Continental GT. Bentley

The name of this car is the synonym of big money. The engine line starts from V8, 509 horse powers. There are two doors in the car but there is enough space for 4 people. The list of design variants is very wide.

Scion xB

This is a good positive car with roomy salon, Japanese roots. The analogous car is Toyota bB. You can meet both of them in Miami roads. The car is good because it is simple and modest.


The original two-seat cabriolet from German differs with bright appearance and exciting design. As you can see, if you have the car like this, you cannot sell it because you really love it.

Cirbin v13

The next car is Cirbin v13. The producers of this car cannot say for sure whether it is car or motorbike. The motor-car is equipped with Harley-Davidson Revolution 60°engine V-Twin

BMW Z3 3.0i Calypso Red 2002

You are ashamed if you are 16 and you cannot drive a car in Miami. You will love this place because you can live here to the full. Everything is on the top level here. You want to be a person that you always wanted to be. You can buy the coolest car in the region and feel good. What car model do you prefer? Pay attention to our TOP Rate of the most preferable cars that you can see in Miami. If you want to live worthy and well-built life with no efforts, come to Miami!

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