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Aston Martin DB11

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Aston Martin launched the DB11 in 2016, and it was the first new car from them in over 10 years. The model is significantly different to the cars that preceded it and it marks yet another leap forward for Aston Martin. The model is better in virtually every respect it also heralds an exciting period in the marks development in which they will be rolling out a new model each year for the next seven. Their aim is to provide more diversified models that are better targeted to different users rather than a range of models that all do the same thing. The DB11 has been designed to be a great long-distance drive.


Aston Martin DB11

The car remains true to the classic British styling of all Aston Martins however it shakes off some of the more traditional design elements replacing them with cleaner lines and more modern look. This particularly true of the rear design which definitely has a more futuristic style.


There are two versions the V12 and V8 – the V8 being about £13,000 more expensive.  The V12 is a comfortable, nearly silent drive but it does roll a bit unless you use the ‘adaptive dampers’.  The V8 is the sporty model, it is much lighter, more perky and handles better. The V8 can do 0-60 in only 4 seconds! The V8 also has a lovely throaty engine noise.


As you would expect these cars are not cheap however a great deal is included as standard; heated leather seats, surround-view cameras, cruise control and a high spec hi-fit and wifi system. The cost of a new car starts at £150,000 but rises to £164,000 for the V8. These prices make these cars out of reach for the vast majority of people. However, you can rent a DB11 so if you love these cars you can consider treating yourself or a loved one to a day, weekend or longer behind the wheel. This is the only way most of us will ever get to drive one of these beauties.

Aston Martin DB11

Running costs depend on the type of driving you do and the model of car.  Fleet news have a useful tool which allows you to compare running costs. Based on their tool the DB11 costs £193 – £264 per mile (3 years and 30,000 miles). This compares well when you look at the competition;

Bentley Continental £250 – £550

Ferrari California £300

Mercedes-Benz SL63 £287

Jaguar F-TYPE SVR £272 – £283


The car is built on a base of Aluminium so it is significantly stronger, lighter and supplies more cabin space.


The interior is excellent. The materials used are top quality and it retains the luxury feel that you should expect from a car of this price. The DB11 has incorporated some of the multi-media electronics from Mercedes-Benz so the technology is there both in terms of quality and complexity. It does have back seats but they are not practical for adults. The boot has a decent capacity of 280 litres however its shape makes it awkward to load anything sizable.

Aston Martin DB11


This is successful exterior re-design and excellent quality car. TheDB11 does handle very well and is powerful even though the primary aim was to make a comfortable motorway car. It is still fun to drive and feels safe and responsive. The interior is fully loaded and of excellent quality. The only cons are the small back seats, awkward boot and poor green credentials.

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