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Alternatives To Smoking: Vaping Your Way Off Cigarettes For Good

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Many are successful in using vaping methods to lessen their intake of nicotine. Vaping offers many benefits versus smoking cigarettes. Some find it difficult to quit cigarettes and seek alternatives such as therapy, chewing gum, and e-liquids. When it comes to your health, vaping is better. Here’s why you need to quit cigarettes for good.

Alternatives To Smoking: Vaping Your Way Off Cigarettes For Good

Shook to the Bones

Cigarettes take a toll on one’s body, all the way down to the bone. Smokers are susceptible to osteoporosis. Scientists discovered a relation between the intake of tobacco and lesser bone density. Choose an e-juice with a high or lesser amount of nicotine. At least when vaping you’re avoiding a very harmful ingredient, tobacco.

Left with a Damaged Heart

Your heart is your body’s engine. Like what’s in your car, you would not want to do anything to make it run slower. Yet, that is exactly what tobacco does to smokers. It creates issues for the heart and red blood cells and leads to horrible diseases of the heart and lungs. Strokes, heart disease, and high blood pressure can be avoided by weaning off of cigarettes while relying on vaping for that nicotine fix.

Without a Sense of Taste or Smell

Ex-cigarette smokers report an improved sense of smell and taste. Regular smoking impairs one’s ability to smell and taste foods and drink. Imagine what it would be like if chocolate or pizza wasn’t as delicious? That’s what it’s like for cigarette smokers. Vapers, however, experience an improved sense of smell and taste, which is convenient given the range of gourmet e-liquid to enjoy.

Cancer Causing Chemicals

The ingredients in e-juice are few yet cigarettes contain tons of chemicals, many harmful to the body and cause a range of cancers. Aside from cancer of the lung, other areas such as the rectum and bladder are susceptible. Why smoke chemicals when one can vape e-juice? Both contain nicotine but juice doesn’t contain harmful chemicals.

Fire Hazard of a Habit

Cigarettes burn tobacco and chemicals, which can be a fire hazard inside the home. Aside from causing fires in bed, smokers leave cigarettes burning on wood tables and set lighters beside young children who quickly set something ablaze. Vaping, however, requires an intricate device (likely too difficult for a child to operate) and e-liquid that turns to vapor without the need of an open flame.

Can’t Keep Up with Family and Friends

Cigarette smokers are not known for their athletic abilities. Even those who used to be athletic are less likely to engage in sports when addicted to cigarettes. The tobacco smoke and accompanying chemicals attack the lungs and heart, which makes it harder to run and ignite the muscles for sport. Those who get away from tobacco find themselves with newfound energy. Vaping contains a range of nicotine given one’s chosen e-juice but it’s tobacco-less and doesn’t feature chemicals that will slow the body. Good news for those who want to enjoy life and keep up with friends and family members with healthier habits.

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