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Make MBA An Added Advantage For Your Career

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The Masters in Business Administration or MBA is one of the most sought-after postgraduate degrees in the modern educational landscape. It has been known to offer many benefits to the student in both personal and professional aspects. An MBA is sure to improve your resume and qualifications, no matter what your undergraduate degree is; be it technology, arts, finance or even manufacturing.

Make MBA An Added Advantage For Your Career

An MBA degree has the potential to open up various opportunities for a student, including positions of increased importance and responsibility and the scope for a higher financial reward; no wonder it is in such high demand! The course itself has duration of two years with a general first year and a specialized second year. The specializations are in a variety of fields, some of which are marketing, human resources and international business. The student can choose the stream according to his/her interests.

An MBA has many advantages, most of which can have a serious effect on your career. Some of these are:

Career opportunities

The job opportunities for MBA holders are rising constantly and many companies have already come forth with their plans to hire only MBA graduates in the coming years. Whatever field you may be in, jobs requiring MBA are in abundance; be it the finance sector or the health sector. You can even switch career paths drastically depending on your field of interest with the aid of an MBA degree.

Earning potential

Surveys have shown that the average salary of an MBA graduate is 50% higher than their position before getting this degree. Moreover, this figure rises to around 80% within just 5 years of completing the course. An MBA degree can actually help you rake in more money! There is another added incentive that is not addressed here, the increased satisfaction you receive from being in positions of higher responsibility.

Job security

In the modern world, lay-offs and recession are nothing new; they occur with alarming frequency. In such tumultuous times, it is ever more important to ensure job security and an MBA provides just that. With the theoretical and practical business knowledge you receive from the course, you can easily establish yourself as a key asset to your employers making you indispensable to the company. An MBA also improves your ‘soft skills’ like teamwork, leadership and communication.

The advent of distance MBA in India has meant that interested students can now get their MBA with increased convenience without enrolling for a full-time course. Working professionals have always been hesitant to sacrifice the security of their careers to get a higher degree, even if it is an MBA; but now, it is possible to earn an MBA through distance education universities. You are now able to drastically change your career and realise your dreams of increased financial rewards and promotions more easily than ever! So what are you waiting for? Enroll for a distance MBA course and get on the fast track to success.

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