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Adding The Element Of ‘Humor’ In Your Website!

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Humor in web designing, sounds interesting, isn’t it? This will surely induce a positive user experience creating a strong connection with the audience. You will seldom come across any person who does not encourage or gets disheartened by humor, hence you are sure to hit the bull’s eye if you use a good humor in designing your website.

“Humor is the affectionate communication of the insight” a quote that very well personifies the need to add this element to a website. Funny memes, cartoons with a pun or sarcasm are all trending the digital world. Why not include them in shaping up your website? Let me walk you through some of the benefits that you could stumble upon by adding humor.

Adding The Element Of 'Humor' In Your Website!

The benefits of adding the element of humor to your website’s design

  • Gives a good user experience

  • Holds on the user’s attention for a considerable period of time

  • Encouraging the users to slow down in a positive way

  • Makes your web design stand out

Where to use Humor in your Website?

Including the element of humor in your web design should not be the ultimate motto, rather putting them in the right place will serve you the right purpose. Let me walk you through some of the places where a web design firm would find it feasible to add humor.

  • An element of humor in the ‘About Us’ page will prove to be fruitful as this would be the most frequented page by clients, staff members as well as users.

  • This element could be used at places where the user is required to wait for a considerable amount of time.

  • The 404 error page can very well be defused with some humor to elude a sense of frustration or confusion among the users.

  • Apart from this, you can also add humor in places where you think it will help to create a connection with the users or uplift the identity of your business.

The above-mentioned were some of the places where you could use humor in a positive way. Having said this, care should be taken while using humor as anything in excess might distract the user. Moreover, if it is too mean or sarcastic then it might end up offending the users, affecting your website’s reputation.

Final Note

Humor has indeed become one of the fresh elements that a web design firm would love to indulge in with great enthusiasm. Along with enthusiasm, a good judgment would go a long way in inculcating this new element in the designing aspect. Also, make sure that this element very well glides through what your website wants to project or the product that it is trying to promote otherwise it may damage the prestige of the business if used inappropriately.

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