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A Weekend In Goa – Things To Do, See, Eat and Enjoy

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As you utter the word Goa, a land of wild waves, streams of music and sound of church bells strikes your mind. Yes, Goa is no doubt the fun capital of Incredible India. Visit this smallest state of the country to energize yourself for the rest of the year.

Ancient Churches

You can feel the Portuguese air in Goa, especially at the old churches. These century old churches of the state remind you of the glorious past of the place; both gorgeous and rich, treasuring the oldest bibles and rare Christian scripts, these churches are believed to be abode of solace for stressed hearts. Bom Jesus Basilica and the churches of Old Goa are considered as UNESCO World Heritage sites.

Basilica Of Bom Jesus Church Goa

The Exotic Beaches

The water and beaches tours of Goa serve as an adrenaline booster for the young hearts. Enjoy the exciting beach volley or go for paragliding here. If you want to be a bit lazy, just bask in the warmth of the sun, lying on hammocks or rejuvenate yourself at the Ayurveda SPA resorts, dotting the beaches. If you are on your honeymoon, spend some special moments with your loved ones under the cool moonlight on the cruises of River Mandovi.

Goa Beaches

Old Shrines

The Hindu temples of Goa exhibit another facet of the place. These temples are mostly made in the Indo-Portuguese architectural style; the most popular shrines of the place are the Shanta Durga, Mangueshi and the Mahalasa temples. It is a unique cultural music as you woke up to the sound of bells from the church and aroma of incense sticks from the temples.

Mangueshi Temple Goa

Rich History

Goa is a treasure island of interesting facts and features; visit the Goa state museum at Panjim to get a glimpse of the same. The museum consists of stone sculptures, intricate carvings, old manuscripts, coins and anthropological items. Jainism also had its influence on Goa and the same can be seen at the relics present at the museum. The Naval Aviation Museum is another famous site of the place where you can get a vivid picture of the aircrafts and armaments of Indian defense.

Goa State Museum

Maddening Music

When in Goa, no one forgets spending time beside the bonfire, on the sea beach listening to melodious trance music. It is one of the most immemorial experiences of anyone’s life. If you want something wild, you may hit the discs or the overnight beach parties of the place; Goa does not sleep at night.

Goa Beach Parties at Night

Quintessential Cuisines

Any trip is incomplete without tasting its local cuisines and Goa is a paradise for food lovers. Enjoy the unique mix of pepper, spices and vinegar in Goan cuisines. While crispy sea food goes well with high quality wine available at the place, the varied kinds of fishes available here makes your meal interesting every single day.

Goa Crispy Sea Food

The Shopping Fiesta

Last but not the least; make your wardrobe a but funky with the colorful bead jewelry and unique apparels of Goa. There are various home décor items available at the local stalls made from sea shells and conches.

Goa Shopping Market

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Ademar Arau, a Mexican guy staying in Gurgaon India from last 3 years, translator by profession. Love to do capture the moments, writing and blogging, currently associated with as Spanish – English travel blogger.

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