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7 Ways to Improve Accuracy in Archery

2 Mins read

After choosing the right type of bow, we should be able to learn how to improve our accuracy. There are ways to do this:

1. Grip the bow properly

It is important to have slightly loose grip when holding the bow. Right-handed people should know how to hold the bow with their left hand. We need to form a V with our index and thumb finger. Then, we could allow the handle of the bow to rest in the V and we need to wrap our other fingers around the handle. To avoid getting in the way of the arrow, we need to curve our fingers. Remember to not lock the elbow and our elbow can also be slightly bent.

2. Grip the string properly

There are multiple ways to grip the string. One way is to put one finger above the knock and a couple of fingers placed below the arrow. In this case, our pinky should stay back and try to use our thumb to hold it down. Many people tend to use too many fingers when doing this and it may prevent a smooth release. As we draw the bow, we should always keep our fingers at similar position. Many people habitually curl fingers when drawing the bow string.

3. Draw properly

When drawing the bow, the elbow of our string hand should be parallel to the ground and pointed away from our body. Professional archers habitually take in a deep breath as they draw.

7 Ways to Improve Accuracy in Archery

4. Set an anchor point

As we reach a full draw, there could be the same spot on our face where the string of the bow usually comes to. We can put our fingers against the right corner of our mouth, if we are right handed. We should define the same spot, each time we draw. This ensures that we allocate the same amount of energy in each draw. By ensuring consistency, it is likely for us to be more accurate each time.

5. Try to be relaxed

Professional archers can achieve a state of relaxation during the entire archer session. People tend to jerk as they release, if they are too uptight. Accuracy can be ensured only by smoother release.

6. Aim well

Each archery athlete has different aiming method. As an example, they may look down at the target with one eye, while closing the other. They may also open both eyes simultaneously. Regardless of methods we choose, it is important to properly visualize where we want the arrow to go. Once we achieve a full draw, it is important to release the arrow within 3 seconds, because it is likely for us to shake if we hold it much longer. A couple of seconds is enough time to take proper aim, but we still shouldn’t rush our shot.

7. Release properly

We should release the arrow by only relaxing our string fingers. There shouldn’t be any deliberate movements to release the string.

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