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7 Things You Need To Know About Allen Bradley’s Compact Logix Controller

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Today Compact Logix Controller is the new way by which all companies run their business, by using its cutting edge technology, which is implemented in all business machines. Here are the main changes which incorporate this new series.

1- New Multi-Core Design Inside

This means that this hardware is faster and stronger. Different than its predecessors which functioned on single-core capabilities, this new Series makes multicore processing a solid foundation, which increases calculation and processing speed.

2- More Memory

With more memory available, your Compact Logix Controllers can handle extra features, storing all your offline documentation on controller’s onboard circuitry is one such feature. In future, there are plans to include data logging base in controller.

3- Now 1 GB In-Box & SD Card Used For Non-Volatile Memory Are Included

You do not need to order separate removable non-volatile memories. These two features now come in every Compact Logix Controllers you order today.

4- The Battery Is Replaced By A Capacitor

First it is important to use expensive batteries in order to store memory. But now with capacitor, it’s possible to transfer programming from high-speed volatile memory to the non-volatile memory even if the processor is powered off.

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5- DB9 Serial Port Replaced By USB Port

Now current versions of RSLinx can detect that you have latest version of Compact Logix Controllers. You can make automatic configurations to set them up. This means no manual configurations for RSlinx, you can use USB port itself to browse your Ethernet.

6- Versions 20 Under No Longer Supported

This means that you’ll have latest generation Studio 5000 with version 20 or higher and RSLogix 5000 if you use Allen Bradley’s PLC Compact Logix Controllers.

7- Compact Logix Controllers’ Latest Family Now Known As 5370 Family

This is the first generation who finally receive 5000+ number in its name. So the current generations of Compact Logix controllers and processors, are respectively referred as 5370 and 5570 (1756-L7x).

These are some very good pointers which enable anyone to grasp the current scenario pertaining to new Compact Logix Controllers.

If you are looking to acquire best Compact Logix Controllers you can resort to our company since we provide all types of Allen Bradley’s PLC and Compact Logix Controllers. Our business representatives can tell you about the best choices which can work for your company.

Call us today so we can brainstorm you about the many possibilities you can make with your first purchase. Compact Logix Controllers can allow your business operations to reach new levels of technical innovation and send your company towards more profitable and competitive way.

Our many clients are already making use of this great technological asset in order to reinvent the way they do business. You can also learn from their success as we sit down and talk or you give us a call, and we tell you about various possibilities this new technology can provide for your business.

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