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Augment The Look Of Your Home With The Latest Range Of Door Handles

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Door handles are one of the major parts of the security system of a home. They offer residents with security on one hand, and on the other they enhance the look of interiors of the building. If you go by the existing trends, you will find that door handles have become a sort of style statement. They are used to enhance the glamor of residential apartments. Here are some of the major areas that you need to focus on while selecting door handles:-

Augment The Look Of Your Home With The Latest Range Of Door Handles

Pay attention to the materials used in door handles

Door handles are made from different types of materials like aluminum alloy, metal sheet, wood and cast brass. Door handles made from cast brass usually come with either copper or bright satin finishing or nickel or chrome plating. On the other hand, sheet aluminum alloy handles come with different types of finishes like dyed, matt, satin bright or natural finishes.

Metal sheet handles are available with copper oxidized or stove enameled finishing. In case you are looking door handles that are more durable, then go for the ones made from brass and metal for long term use.

Decide whether you require a traditional or contemporary door handles

People belonging to the young age group usually decorate their doors and cabinet doors with door handles of contemporary style such as the ones that come with chrome finishing and straight lines. Elderly and middle-aged people, on the other hand, prefer traditional door handles that come with a polished antique brass finishing. It is up to you to decide the exact type of door handles that you like to install in your doors.

Ideally, for a well designed kitchen, you should go for hammered knobs with backplates. As for children’s rooms, you can go for pink colored door handles and catchy cartoon designs. To try something new, you should go for kitchen door handles with fruit embellishments.

Ensure, that design and color of the handle, goes well with the overall look of the interiors

While choosing the design and color of the door handle, make it a point to go for the one that goes well with the look of the interior of your home. Therefore, go for matching styles and finishes. Some of the most widely used finishes that have gained popularity in recent times include polished brass, satin chrome, Florentine bronze and stainless steel. Apart from style, color and pattern also take into account spy holes, locks, latches, fixtures and fittings. As a result, your home will get the required revamp that you had been looking for.

There are different types of door handles that you will need to consider for your residence-exterior dead locks, interior privacy locks and passage suite knobs. Normally, most residential properties require all these types of door handles. Therefore, make it a point to take a look at the doors of your house before installing door handles of your choice.

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