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6 Ways to Bring Art Deco into Your Interiors

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Art Deco style first emerged in France after the World War I. The visual arts and design movement became extremely popular in the late 1920s and the 1930s and influenced the designs of buildings, automobiles, everyday objects, and home decorations. The style has changed over time, incorporates modern design elements and materials and becomes less ornamental.

It reemerges from time to time, and many homeowners these days have a thing for that old style that borrows its vibrant colors and geometric patterns from Mediterranean, Egyptian, and French cultures. If you love Art Deco style, see how easy it is to bring that retro look into your home.

6 Ways to Bring Art Deco into Your Interiors

The Interior Place

Say yes to curves instead of straight lines. The contemporary trends emphasize on crisp lines and minimal design, but the Art Deco approach is softer and more artistic with its curved, winding shapes and geometric lines. Bring those smooth curves in the sofas, armchairs, and choose wooden furniture pieces with soft lines if you want to recreate that classic style.

Play with colors and patterns. The décor elements from the Art Deco genre is never boring! You can trust on it for bringing life to monochrome interiors. It emphasizes on the use of lively colors such as shades of red, yellow, blue, emerald, and turquoise and bringing exotic tones into the home décor. For example, if you decorate the kitchen with vibrant shades of green, blue, and accents of golden color, it will instantly bring the art revival vibe into the place. Choose the island in a gorgeous, black material and install tiles with geometric patterns in the backsplash area to complete the look!

6 Ways to Bring Art Deco into Your Interiors

Beinfield Architecture

Incorporate bold geometric design. The movement had a strong tie to artistic designs and geometric shapes. So, bring the flair of that age by adding elements with curvilinear and rectilinear forms. Wallpaper can be the answer, but geometric rugs and cushions are on trend at the moment. Choose them in a design that will remind everyone of the Egyptian hieroglyphics or something that relates to that ‘20s or ‘30s era. Keep the color palette in black and white so that the room does not look out of place in a modern setting.

If the budget allows, bring the bold geometrics from the floor to the walls too. Try fretwork-style decorations and complement them with embossed fabrics and textured prints.

Apply wainscoting design on the lower portion of the walls of a room and paint them in crisp white. Create a contrasting look by applying a dark paint such as black or charcoal on the upper part of the walls. Complement such an architectural feature with a gorgeous chandelier and a beautiful sculpture on the wall to evoke the romanticism of that old era.

Display artwork. Just as the name suggests, artistic work and décor elements took center stage of the Art Deco style. So, bold paintings or wall art, stylish furniture, sculptural side tables or table lamps can create instant an instant artistic appeal.

6 Ways to Bring Art Deco into Your Interiors

Ambiance Interiors

The ‘20s and ‘30s were the beginning of the Hollywood’s golden age. So, bringing the cinematic touches from that age will be a great way to recreate the Art Deco style along with giving a tribute to those stars who rule that golden age of cinema. Frame up the black-and-white photos of some stars from those decades and pair them up with curved, hardwood chairs and furniture pieces for absolute Deco decadence.

Make them shiny! The secret of the style is shine. Glossy paint, polished wood and metal fixtures, sprinkle glass and mirrored pieces, and everything that shines and sparkles. If you want to bring the gleaming and reflective effect with glasses, install them in streaks of red, blue, green, and other colors in geometric formation to glam up the interior of that place.

The Art Deco style is flamboyant and often mimics the glamor and grandeur of a bygone age. However, the modern adaptations are often sleek and less dramatic where the glitz and luxe appeal remain understated. These ideas will help you bring that style the way you want – either in its raw forms or with a modern tweak.

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