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Massage Therapy – Healing Practice of Touch and Movement

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Massage therapy is referred to the practise that involves touch and movement. It is said that the word ‘massage’ comes from the Greek word, ‘Massein’, which means ‘to knead’. It is one of the oldest forms of therapies in the world. Massage Therapy Toronto involves slight pressing of the muscles. The pressure applied may be slight to deep. There are different forms of massage therapies in the world, each differing from one another but also having some common grounds.

Massage Therapy - Healing Practice of Touch and Movement

Types of Massage Therapies

The main types of massages are Swedish massage, Sports massage, Deep massage and trigger point. Of these the Swedish massage and the sports massage are definitely more well-known. The Swedish massage is one that applies kneading and stroking in circular movements and also using tapping to enable the muscles to relax. The sports massage also applies the same techniques but it is more used in sportspersons. The deep massage as the name suggests is used for reaching the deeper muscles and thus more pressure is applied which results in forceful strikes. The trigger point massage is mainly to relax certain muscles that have been injured or worn out due to overuse.

The purpose of Massage Therapy

The main purpose of Massage Therapy Toronto is to heal through touch and movement. It helps in various ways. It helps to remove stress and lesson tension. It also enhances blood flow which in itself helps you rejuvenate.  It can help the muscles to relax and thereby make your body feel refreshed.

The best benefit of massage therapy is that it can help all the muscles in the body, the ones that lie under the skin and the ones that are deeply located. Massage therapy has also been helpful in stimulating blood flow and even helping the lymphatic process s which in turn is of a huge help to those dealing with digestive problems.

The biggest advantage of massage therapy is that it can help prevent surgeries. Many a times, a person can be cured of pain and tension in muscles with appropriate massages. The scientific world too has acknowledge the benefit of massage therapy and thus, you will find massage therapists in reputed hospitals as well.

The main process of massage therapy is touch and it is applied with varying degrees of pressure.  Thus, it is important that your therapist is well-trained and experienced to give you the massage because the therapist has to use the touch sensitively and in the right manner. Too delicate touch may not be of help and at the same time, if the pressure is too much, then muscles may tense up more, which can be dangerous.

Also, an experienced therapist can just with the help of his or her touch know which the stiffened muscles are. Also, touch means care and ensures that the person is receiving kind care and well-being. This is perhaps the best thing about massage therapy. It heals through caring and kind touch. It is all about touch that helps in healing. Massage therapy can be of help in various health conditions and can help you heal happily and peacefully without medicines.

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