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5 Ways to Become Successful Athletes

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Many people are wondering, whether they can achieve success in athletic and it is often associated with high level performance. Professional athletes spend hundreds of hours each year to focus on their activities. They have definite goals in their minds, such as winning an upcoming competition, while amateurs perform sports mostly as a form of recreation, although the can still participate in local tournaments and compete with other amateurs or even some professionals.

People who are more serious with athletics should consider these factor:

1. Find a Coach

People actually need to get proper instructions before that can participate well in various athletic activities. It is also a good idea to watch professional during matches to understand how well they would perform. Professional athletes have excellent coaches, such as Angelo Dundee who trained Muhammad Ali. Steffi Graf also has had Peter Graf and Tiger Woods was coached by Hank Haney. Regardless of the coaches we have, we should be able to learn the basics and train consistently. We must be able to roll the ball, kick our leg and place our bodies properly

Five Ways to Become Successful Athletes

2. Practice consistently

We practice consistently throughout our lifetime and even toddlers practiced to walk and run. We won’t be an expert in golf only by spending many hours watching Tiger Woods play on TV. We should also go to the driving range and find out how we could make perfect shots. There’s no way we will obtain a black belt by only watching Bruce Lee movies. Just by walking a few miles for a couple of days each week, we won’t become a seasoned marathon runner. Other than learning the rules and strategies, we should also need to train our body and mind to master to master specific sport.

3. Set a Goal

People are essentially goal-seeking individuals and they seek to achieve tangible goals. As an example, we may need to decrease our score to 80, so we can improve our overall golf game. On the other hand, we should increase our average score to about 180 if we want to be reasonably proficient in bowling. Fitness goals are also important in sport, as an example we may seek to get about 10 percent body fat to be reasonably fit. By setting one minor goal after another, we will progress further and we could eventually reach our big goals.

4. Obtain Feedback

People need feedback to move forward and good sources of feedback are coaches and more experienced athletes. Feedback from people who have dedicated their life for specific sport will be useful for new athletes and amateurs. Feedback could be immensely precious, if it helps us to solve problems that don’t seem to have a solution. So, we should always seek people who are better in our branch of sport.

5. Improve our mental Strength

First, we could try to remove negative mental programming and try to instill positive ones. As we reach new milestones and achieve some amount of success, we should be able to establish confidence and progress further.

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