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5 Simple Behaviors To Protect Your Heart

3 Mins read

Introduction to a Healthy Lifestyle

Finding ways to live a longer, healthier life is an important issue that millions around the world pay attention to on a daily basis.  Keeping the heart healthy is one of the best ways to accomplish that.  Studies have shown that heart disease is the single leading causes of death worldwide and it does not appear to be changing at any point in the near future.  What are some easy things we can all do to protect the most important part of our body?  In this article we will look at five simple ways to live a healthy life and protect oneself from heart disease without using any type of medication.

Rule Number 1: More Cardio

More Cardio

This just might be the single most important thing one can do to protect their heart.  Most experts agree that at least 30 minutes a day is what the heart needs.  Some will even say an hour a day.  We all have busy life styles and finding time for exercising isn’t always the easiest thing to do.  Every little bit helps, even going for a walk on your lunch break or a few laps in the pool can go a long ways to make you feel better and live longer.  Ingrid Wickelgren believes that an inactive lifestyle is bigger determinant of health than obesity.  In fact, a person with a more active lifestyle can actually afford to have a few extra pounds without increasing the risk of any major health problem.

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