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5 Winter Lodge Activities That Aren’t Skiing

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Snow glistens in the moonlight. Laughter bounces around the room as the fire crackles and radiates heat. Hot cocoa, cider and toddies are being served. It’s winter in a wonderful lodge.

5 Winter Lodge Activities That Aren’t Skiing
Winter is a fantastic time to travel, even if you don’t ski or snowboard, according to Sebastian Hansiek of There are a multitude of activities that you can enjoy. There are plenty of outside pastimes to participate in, as well as indoor ventures to take part in.

Get Ready for Your Close-Up

Wintertime photography can be magical. The addition of a little snow or ice makes ordinary things seem otherworldly. Taking photographs of inanimate objects is a great way to spend the day, but also take some pictures of your loved ones. You may want to try some action shots, as well. Outside photography in winter takes some special preparation and planning. Don’t forget that winter weather can be very harsh on your camera and other equipment, so protect it. Don’t forget to wear thin gloves so that you can stay warm, but still operate the camera effectively.

Take a Hike

While there are always the traditional outside activities like sledding, ice skating and snow ball fighting, you may want to try your hand, or foot, at something else. Snowshoeing is gaining popularity as a winter sport. Because it is getting much more popular, snowshoes and the related equipment may be for rent at your lodge. If they aren’t, try the local town. When getting your equipment, make sure you are also have the appropriate clothing for this particular outdoor activity. You’ll want to make sure you dress in layers, and that some of those layers will wick away the sweat you may build up. Snowshoeing may allow you to gain access to the local wildlife because it can be such a quiet activity. It is slower, quieter and less smelly than riding a snowmobile. Plus, you will be able to get some physical activity into your day, as well.

Hit the Spa

After some extensive snowshoeing, you may want to return to the lodge for some indoor activity. Most lodges offer a spa of some sort. You can get a massage – perhaps a hot stone massage would be particularly relaxing. Get a facial and a mani/pedi. Get yourself all dolled up and then go eat.

Eat Up

The food at most of the lodges is fantastic. Some lodges have several options, as well. If the lodge’s offerings don’t please you, try the local town. Sometimes the small towns that are by the lodges have some great surprises. Make sure you at least splurge on a hot cocoa with lots of whipped cream or extra marshmallows. Let yourself feel like a kid again.

Bask in the Warmth

Don’t forget the very best lodge activity possible: relaxing by the fire. You can read or you can nap. You can meditate by watching the fire dance and listening intently to the wood pop. Breathe. Let yourself be calm.

Winter travel doesn’t have to be all about getting the best skiing destinations. There are so many different winter activities available. Best of all, there’s the chance to truly refresh yourself.

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