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5 Health Problems Caused By Using Computer

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Using a computer at work or home is very typical these days. It is always present in our lives that eases us, But we pay for it with health. Spent long time in front of using a computer can increase your chance of developing an injury. Here are some health problems caused by computer.

Over-visual and Computer Vision Syndrome

Long hours spent in front of the monitor that harm vision. There is a danger of excessive straining eye muscles and you can face accommodative asthenopia or foreign body sensation in the eye. It is not an infection, but a tired red eyes and problems in distinguishing details.

Furthermore, when working on the computer decreases the frequency with which blink about five times the normal. Currently, about 60 million people suffer from Computer Vision Syndrome. Symptoms of this syndrome include: headache, blurred vision, sore throat, visual fatigue, dry eyes, irritated, adjustment difficulties, with blurred vision when we move from near vision at a greater distance.

According to experts, The best distance they must keep to monitor is 50-60 inches. The look should fall at an angle of 30 degrees below the perpendicular, because only in this way the eye is the least requested. If we place the central unit under the monitor will look high and eyes will be affected. Recommended is the light coming from either the left or right, and if you can, opt for a liquid crystal monitor that does not reflect light.

5 Health Problems Caused By Computer Use

Disorders of the Spine

The correct position is essential to your computer. A number of diseases of the spine – scoliosis, kyphosis, kyphoscoliosis or spondylosis may be caused by positions vicious.

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Keyboard repetitive motion affects their health. Numbness in the fingers can lead to a very serious condition, which is called carpal tunnel syndrome. This can be solved only through painful surgery.


Spent long time chair to work on screen causes varicose veins, The ideal positioning of the legs at an angle of 30 degrees, which provides maximum relaxation. Even if the seat does not permit, we improvise a footrest under the desk. Indicated that adjusts the vertical; not required to have headrests and armrests, But it is good if you opt for such a chair. It is very important that the seat is wider, To not block blood flow and thereby to varicose veins.


Prolonged use of computers, Especially in children, is the main factor of childhood obesity and a sedentary lifestyle. Now a day’s employee’s work for office 7-8 hours should avoid spending time on computer after reaching home. you need to keep relax your body and mind. Go to the gym or go for a long walk in the evening and stay physically Active.

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