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Why Ray Ban Sunglasses Make The Perfect Gift

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We often face the problem of deciding what to gift someone, especially if that person is close to us. An ideal gift is something which is genuinely useful for the receiver, and not just anything that will only kill space. Moreover, it should be of that person’s liking. A useless gift like a tapestry or a showpiece does not invoke too much happiness in that person, and over time is just forgotten and thrown away. Sunglasses make the perfect gifts for everyone, old or young, male or female and likewise. They are something which are both stylish and useful. And when it comes to sunglasses, there is no better brand than Ray Ban. The brand, over the period of time, has built an impeccable reputation of being sturdy and stylish at the same time.

Ray Ban started off in 1939 as a subsidiary of Bausch & Lomb, which was contracted by the government to develop glare resistant sunglasses for pilots, who were facing prolonged exposure to sunlight due to betterment in the height gaining capacity of the aircrafts at that time. Pilots complained of a high glare while they flew above the clouds. Bausch & Lomb developed a light-weight metallic frame, with tear shaped green black lenses, and called it the ‘Ray Ban Aviator’. After some time, when the model started gaining popularity in several ground applications as well, The company decided to launch Ray Ban as a brand and The Aviator as its very first model.

Why Ray Ban Sunglasses Make The Perfect Gift

The Rest is history. The Aviators became immensely popular amongst ground folk as well particularly in events and activities which involved prolonged exposure to sunlight, such as farming, hunting, polo matches etc.

In 1959, Ray Ban launched yet another titan. It was called the Wayfarer. This model was more angular as compared to the curvy design of the Aviator. Another difference was that the body was made up of a nylon polymer. The lenses and frame were jet black. This model was adorned by some of the most well known people to have walked the earth. They included music artists, movie stars, politicians and even the mafia. Probably the most famous personality who made these sunglasses so famous was James Dean. The actor died young but not before gaining mass popularity. And with him also grew the popularity of these glasses, amongst a million of his fans.

Ray Ban has been immortalized by these two models, the Aviator and the Wayfarer, and even though the brand has released other popular models as well, these two remain at the top. Apart from stunning designs, these sunglasses also serve their true purpose really well. The lenses are 100% UV ray proof, and protects one’s eyes from the direct glare of the sun. Moreover, these models have the magical ability of suiting almost any face type. So you don’t have to worry about being too picky. You can easily find these sunglasses from the nearest store or simply have it delivered at your doorstep through the internet. There are a lot of reliable and safe websites which are SSL encrypted, so that your financial information does not go astray, and guarantee delivery of genuine goods. Before ordering, be sure to go through the review of the website, and make sure that it is safe.

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