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5 Characteristics Of A Great Teacher

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Teaching jobs required highly responsible and skilled professional considering the social responsibility it bore on its shoulder. Teachers must have to excel the parameters of mediocracy and create a challenging yet inspirational class environment for their students. Here are 5 characteristics that make a mediocre teacher, a great teacher.

5 Characteristics Of A Great Teacher

  1. Great teacher creates a respected zone not just for himself but also for his students: A great teacher will respect the voice of his student and will never tries to undermine any opinion in his class. He never bulldoze ideas, in fact he nurture and grow them. Students will never fear to share their opinion in the class of a great teacher.
  2. A great teacher will not leave any stone unturned to make sure that they have created a sense of togetherness and collaboration in the class room. They create the vibes of social harmony and support in the class through which students learn more than ever. For example if they creates groups of students and ask them to resolve problem it will create a sense of togetherness in them.
  3. Great teacher will not only lecture the students but will also mentor them. It will give an access to the students to discuss their queries and problems with the teacher even those which are outside the traditional course of books.
  4. They encourage students and keep them on the toes: as some says, students dream through the eyes of their teacher. They create high goals for them and then get them on the road to achieve them.
  5. They are the leaders: good teacher is not just a tutors, he is a leader as well who lead the students from the path of darkness of illiteracy to the light of education and knowledge. They focus on skills to empower their decision making skills, teamwork and a sense of social sensibility along with useful professionals for the society.
  6. They ALWAYS stay professional: teachers are human being too who get stuck in their personal and professional affairs like all of us. But when they put on the shoes of a teacher, they will never bring their personal baggage to work. They will have no qualm in asking for assistance from the colleagues if it important for the betterment of education quality.

So if you are planning to apply for teaching jobs in Pakistan, make sure you have these personality characteristics in you so that Pakistan can create a youth which can lead the vision of our ancestors forward.

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