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Make Small Changes For The Perfect Summer Renovation

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If you plan a small renovation of your house for the coming season – don`t forget that only with a couple of cans of paint and some imagination, you can achieve wonderful effects to impress your friends and loved ones. Next are few other ideas and useful hints!

Painting as a decoration of the walls is all that you need to make the old walls to look like new or even if you just want to slightly freshen their look. The use of neutral colors can add that little sense of magic, which will emboss a vast array of other small objects hanging on the walls or located near the walls. Artworks, family pictures, decorative pieces of art and curtains are only an example. The base of the walls are another important place to pay more attention, especially if you have laminate or hardwood floorings with stronger and more vibrant patterns. The neutral color of the paint on the walls can highlight all other yet typical and bold shapes in your home in a way that you can start to notice them more often.

Make Small Changes For The Perfect Summer Renovation

If the dining and the living rooms are adjacent – make sure to add new little details to the walls too. This may include a tall wooden stand with wine bottles, where you can stack dozens of bottles of wine to give your dining room a feel more like a winery hall. Another small change can include a completely different organization of the utilitarian objects so they transform into a decoration for the kitchen rather than just collections of appliances and tools. For instance, place cups and plates at the other corner of the countertop and away from the sink. If you find a corner with a direct sunlight – you can take advantage of a faster drying time while making the kitchen cleaning easier and quicker in the meantime. It should be much easier for the oven cleaning when the plates and the cups are not that close too. The adjacent living room can therefore change into a space for observation of the kitchen and the game of natural lights in the daytime, as well as shadows and silhouettes in the nighttime.

The renovation of the bathroom and the other wet rooms may include another few small changes, but important ones. A new large mirror is perfect for large spaces to make them look even larger, while if you have to rearrange small spaces – think of another few paint cans for the walls or the ceiling maybe. Changing colors in small rooms is all that you need to change the mood and the atmosphere of this area, especially when it comes to some of the most frequently used areas like a small secondary bathroom or an ensuite. Use a stain-blocking paint for these areas, thanks to its stain resistant qualities that make the domestic cleaning easier and they can hide spots from dry drops, hot evaporations, etc.

Next, think of a new curtain decoration for the windows in the kitchen or in the living room. The yet light and soft curtains can change completely the outlook of the windows and so the mood when looking through the windows. Curtains with pastel hues are the perfect way to change the softness of the natural light, while the two-colored curtains with bold shapes and handcrafted textures invite a more vintage or antique presence. Finish the summer renovation of the kitchen by placing a couple more small objects at random places. They may include a hygiene spray for easy cleaning of kitchen grease, a vase with red flowers that define grace and elegance, small rugs for the areas that see the less foot traffic, a small side table with candlesticks and more.

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