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5 Best Locations For A Beach House In Malibu

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Malibu is one of the most beautiful cities in Los Angeles. Its vibrant culture, breathtaking surrounds, spectacular sights and the amazing locals make the city one of the most sought after cities in the world both by the ostentatious as well as surfers, beach enthusiasts etc.

It is because of the beaches and the scenery that the rich and the glamorous all flock to the city and buy Malibu real estate. Of course, the investment is not just something made out of the love for nature but also, because real estate in such cities never loses their value. The prices for Malibu houses are forever on the rise. Two birds with one shot, one would say! But buying houses here is no less of a conquest and for these reasons; it’s not easy to just buy a home here like in another city.

5 Best Locations For A Beach House In Malibu

The houses here are multi-million dollar houses and what is most in demand are beach houses. But, how do you know where to buy these houses? Do you know which beaches in Malibu are the best if what you want is a beach house?

Let’s look at five of the prime locations for beach houses in this amazing city:

Zuma Beach-
Zuma is a county beach located in the northwest corner of the city and is popular not just for its beautiful, clean sands which are the cleanest in the entire state. It is also ranked amongst the healthiest beaches in the Los Angeles county for its healthy water conditions and this may be the reason why a lot many films are shot here.

The beach itself is a paradise for surfers etc. and if you want a quiet day on the beach to be a regular day for the rest of your life, then Zuma should be your choice.

Topanga Beach- Formed by the Topanga Canyon over the centuries, this beach is one of the other marvelous sandy beauties of the Los Angeles county area. Quite a famous choice for those looking to settle into a beach house with a fabulous view of the sea, the enthusiastic surfers and occasionally the joyful squeals of children who come with families to enjoy the beach.

Westward Beach- Westward is one of the most occupied beaches both in terms of residential settlements as well as any other commercial establishments. Westward is in fact the southern half of Zuma county beach and is one of the longest and widest beaches on the western side of Point Dume.

Malibu Beach- One of the most luxurious beaches in Malibu city, it is home to some of the most affluent people around the world. No doubt it is a popular destination for those looking to buy beach houses in Malibu.

If you need assistance or guidance in buying Malibu real estate specifically, Malibu beach houses, you can try looking up all the information you need on websites such as Malibu Living.

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