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Tours and Travels In Chennai

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One of the finest cities in the world. Chennai is perhaps best known for its outstanding sights and great people. In between the hustle-bustle and the roaring traffic, you will find the heart of this city, a place where urban villages are sprawling, where technologies are advanced and people are well educated. At the same time, it is the place where people are in touch with the traditions, where they enjoy their centuries’ old temples and experience spiritual connections! Here are some of the best tours and travels in Chennai that you can enjoy,

Best of South India Tour

The tour takes one across places like Kochi, Chennai, Mysore and Madurai, bringing you closer to the heart of South India. It is in this tour that you can enjoy visiting ancient temples while exploring tea and coffee plantations. Or else, you can just visit the city of Chennai and experience a rickshaw ride through the lanes.

Tours and Travels In Chennai
Evening at the Beach!

The tour is particularly designed for beach enthusiasts. Explore the Marine Beach, visit Elliot Beach, kick back and relax at the Covelong Beach. These are the beaches where you can even enjoy fun activities like surfing, diving and swimming or walking romantically! The evening tour is perfect for those who enjoy waters and scenic beauty.

Private Tour of Chennai

Private tours are usually designed to bring you closer to the heart of Chennai. Generally, these tours include sightseeing and visiting varied places such as Fort St. George and Government Museum with the Ripon Building. This is an excellent way of exploring European colonial influences on this traditional city.

Small Group Tours

These travel tours are for visiting countryside and experiencing Mahabalipuram, a destination with quilted paddy fields. Here you can learn about farming and herbal kitchens.

Travel Places you ought to visit in Chennai

These are some amazing places that should be a part of your tour,

  • Marina and Elliot Beaches- Marina is India’s largest beach, while Elliot Beach is equally famous. Marina beach houses Fort St. George and is popular for its spectacular sunrise. It is also the place where you can enjoy with your family. Elliot’s Beach is popular for its churches and Schmidt Memorial.
  • Fort St. George- Be delighted by India’s history with the Fort St. George. Visit the place to experience the remnants of colonial rule. It houses paintings, coins and documents from an era bygone.
  • San Thome Church
  • This stunning structure in sparkling white is a beautiful reminder of our past. Popular in the Christian community, this place is known for stained glass windows and a shop, museum.
  • Kapaleeshwar Temple- This religious spot is known for its unique architecture and houses the idols of Shiva and Karpagambal deities.
  • Thousand Lights Mosque- Architectural magnificence of this mosque is undeniable. The place has multi-domes and twin minarets with main hallway where men offer prayers.
  • Connemara Library- Immerse yourself in over 600,000 books, this library is one of the largest in Asia. It is perfect for researching and reading.

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