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4 Ways to Relieve Side Effects From Cancer Treatments

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Cancer treatment offers a beacon of hope to those diagnosed with this disease. However, the treatments themselves sometimes come with difficult and challenging side effects. Although your doctor may prescribe medications or other ways to deal with the unpleasant aspects of treatment, you may also want to try some of the following, which have helped many people to manage their side effect symptoms.

4 Ways to Relieve Side Effects From Cancer Treatments


Healthy eating plays an important role in everyone’s health. It is especially critical when people are ill or struggling with medical treatments that may cause nausea or loss of appetite. Develop an eating plan that includes the required daily nutritional needs based on your health status and age. Take small bites and sip water to facilitate eating. If you are unable to eat enough each day, supplement your intake with a vitamin and mineral support product. Your doctor or nurse can recommend one for your needs. Eating will help you feel better and maintain strength.


Consult your doctor about the right kind of exercise for your health needs. A local cancer center may provide online or print recommendations for patients who are interested in and able to participate in regular exercise. Walking, biking, and swimming are enjoyable and easy to do as long as the doctor approves. Staying physically active can help to minimize the side effects of treatment that may leave you tired and lethargic by boosting your energy level and keeping your body and mind active.


Cancer treatment can be stressful, and relaxation can help to reduce anxiety. Get a good night’s sleep by keeping the lights off, the room cool, and sounds low or non-existent in your bedroom. Take naps of thirty to forty minutes on the days when you feel most tired. Look out your window or sit outside to enjoy relaxing views of nature. Looking at trees, grass, flowers, and the sky has been shown to help reduce tension and increase mindfulness in those who are struggling with a chronic condition or challenging treatment.


Stay in touch with family and friends even when you cannot leave the house. Use social media like Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter to share posts and exchange messages. Chat with visitors from behind your screen door while they sit on your porch or in the driveway. Send greeting cards by mail or email. Text brief updates or special requests via your phone, and have occasional video chats or phone calls with loved ones. Connecting with others can reduce discomfort and provide a valuable support network during cancer treatment.

Tips like these can work alongside your cancer treatment to ease difficult symptoms and help you recover more quickly. Take advantage of these easy steps to get more enjoyment from each day.

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