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4 Cloud-Based Services That Can Make Us More Productive, Faster And Smarter

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There are different technologies that people normally use, such as social media, blogs, software, websites, tablets, computers and smarpthones. In fact, it gets harder and harder for us to keep up. People get glued constantly to their devices. For many people, the technology has literally become their master.

In reality, technology should be our servant and they are tools that can make our lives easier. Technology is also intended to make us much more productive. People who use technology is expected to become productive, faster and smarter. That’s the reason why the technology is created in the first place. However, it is possible for us to get less productive, slower and dumber, because of the technology.

Here are things that we should use to ensure that we are more productive, faster and smarter:

1)  Google Calendar:

Calendar could help us to become much more organized. Our own calendar can be accessed through any device and shared with others if there is nothing private in it. This improves collaboration between team members. Google Calendar is essentially an online-based calendar system and it can be accessed from our tablet, smartphone, laptop and desktop computer.

Events can be shared with our friends and family members. The best thing about Google Calendar is that it’s free and our information is stored in the cloud. It means that we will never lose our calendar.

4 Cloud-Based Services That Can Make Us More Productive, Faster And Smarter

2)  YouSendIt:

This is a useful tool to send large files. We usually use email to send attached files to our work colleagues, friends and family members. However, email isn’t really the best tool for that purpose, for sending many large files. YouSendIt is a highly secure file sharing platform that allows us to send large emails. For the basic level, YouSendIt is free and we can still use it to send large files. YouSendIt can be used to send high resolution photos, Photoshop PSD files, videos, raw slideshows and other large file types.

3)  DropBox:

DropBox is one of the most popular cloud-based services. It allows us to share files from our tablets, smartphones and computers. Our files can be accessed from any device and from anywhere. We can also share files with other people. The free, basic account provides us with 2GB of space; which is still useful for people who have mobile devices with limited internal storage. DropBox allows us to obtain a higher degree of portability.

4)  Evernote:

Evernote is a popular tool to how down lists, ideas or just simple notes. Just the above cloud-based systems, the written form of our thought can be accessed for any location. Evernote is a great service and software. It can be designed for archiving and note taking. Again, we can access Evernote from any location.

There are literally endless uses of Evernote, we can also snap a photo, create simple business ideas, write today’s shopping list and others. It can also be used for travel itineraries, recipes, class notes and many more. Our lives could become easier with Evernote.


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