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3 Popular Restaurants With The Vegetarian Option In Lisbon

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Lisbon is the capital of Portugal, the city of the white walls and fado. The streets of this old city are entangling and full of surprises. The sidewalks, decorated with traditional tiles are telling romantic stories with each turn. You can endlessly talk about this city and fall in love with it again and again. Lisbon does not look like any other city. It is better to come and make sure in it for yourself with the help of car rental in Lisbon Airport.

The cuisine of Portugal is simple, but nourishing. A lot of seafood, meat and fruits. It may seem that this cuisine is not suitable for a vegetarian. However, it is a simple misconception.

In the large cities of Portugal (Lisbon, Porto, Coimbra) – a lot of restaurants and cafes with the vegetarian option are situated. Some of them are completely vegetarian.

In addition, in 99% of the traditional Portuguese restaurants and cafes, the vegetable soup is served for lunch. It is not expensive, made from seasonal vegetables and practically always, it consists only from the vegetables.

3 Popular Restaurants With The Vegetarian Option In Lisbon

In addition, in Portuguese restaurants, such a delightful dish as ‘entradas’ is usually served at the beginning of the lunch. Most often, the waiter brings it without even asking the customers. Remember, that this dish would be put in the bill only if it is eaten. Traditionally, ‘entradas’ consist of a few pieces or scones of fragrant bread, a bowl with local olives and a couple of “samplers” with butter and melted cheese. The freshest Portuguese bread with olives would be an excellent and very nutritious snack! The traditional Portuguese salad, which is served everywhere – is also vegetarian. Green salad leaves, tomatoes, onion rings, sometimes cucumber, grated carrots and grated raw beets – all this is densely poured with olive oil, lettuce and then served.

Nevertheless, we advise you to pay attention to these three restaurants in Lisbon, where you may have a vegetarian meal.

  1. Leo

Location: Rua Zaire 17 C, Lisbon 1170-397

The Leo Restaurant is located at the “Avenidas Novas” northern part of the town. This place is unique as its interior design is authentic and the cuisine represents ancient India, Nepal and Himalaya countries. The blends of aromatic spices and recipes, which are used there, copy the ancient Indian cuisine. With the help of most experienced chefs, the traditional Curry, Naan and Tandoor impart unique and mysterious flavor to bread or meat.

The choice of vegetarian dishes is very extended. The food is full of flavor, the service is attentive and the prices are reasonable. Some spices are not too hot, would be suitable for children and teenagers.

It is better to make a reservation in advance, as there are only about 6-7 tables in ‘Leo’.

  1. Clube de Jornalistas

Location: Rua das Trinas 129, Lisbon 1200-857

This restaurant, which name is translated as ‘the Journalist’s club’, is located at the 18th century building, which once was a family mansion. You will not at once notice the green entrance door, as it is a bit hidden, and there aren’t any signboard or an indication-arrow nearby. You need to ring a doorbell, the door would be opened and you would be invited to come in.

When you enter the restaurant, the first thing you pay attention to is a specific atmosphere. Different rooms of the restaurant (there are several of them-the largest is the former kitchen) are furnished in different styles, with curious, not always modern furniture. The illumination of the rooms is unusually allocated, and the musical accompaniment only helps to create a certain image of the restaurant. There is a nice inner garden, where it is very cozy in summer. The portions are not large, but the cuisine is impressive. The atmosphere is homely, you may play pool in ‘the club’- there would be no feeling that you are in a restaurant. The service is attentive.

The restaurant is located not in the city center, but it is very popular as it is having its own personality and rhythm.

  1. Organi Chiado

Location: Calçada Nova de São Francisco 2, Lisbon 1200-300,

The main goals of ‘Organi Chiado’ are to be a harmonious place, to serve dishes from the products, which come directly from nature and to awake the senses of each customer by means of healthy and tasty meals.

The choice of dishes is quite small but it changes daily depending on the season and market availability. Each dish is beautifully presented, the products are carefully chosen. The ingredients are natural and of high quality, from reliable local producers, mostly the biological manufacturers. All of the desserts are sugar free and gilt free. ​

It is better to book a table in advance. Service is helpful and friendly, making you feel like you are at some close friend’s home for a dinner.

Located in a nice spot at the Lisbon center, ‘Organi Chiado’ restaurant would be a perfect choice for those, who appreciate natural and healthy food.

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