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10 Ways To Get Better On The Indoor Rower

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In a gym, there are plenty of equipment and devices to work out. However, using them in the right way is something everyone cannot master. Apart from the treadmill and spin bike, using the rowing machine can also be beneficial for muscle development, agility and stamina.

10 Ways To Get Better On The Indoor Rower

Below listed are 10 tips to help you use the Rowing machine in a better way:

  • Slowing down is necessary– Most people make shorter strokes while trying to pull too hard. This is not the way to go. You should try to take longer strokes and pull slower. This will prove to be more efficient and precise. When you make longer stroke, it unlocks more power.
  • Getting the posture right– What many people fail to get right about practicing rowing is the correct posture. It is important that you sit in the proper way when practicing rowing. The bolt upright posture is not what you should follow. Leaning backwards or forward much causes loss of power as well. You should try to sit tall and lean back a little to get maximum power for strokes.
  • Use music as companion– It is okay to play some rhythmic and groovy tracks inthe background as you practice using the rowing machine and leg press machine. You can choose fast tracks and slow playlists to match the pace of workout.
  • Improving pulling technique-You need to master the pulling technique as well. When you pull handle towards your torso, it should not come near the forehead or gut. Do not pull in a way that can hurt you.
  • Focusing more on legs instead of arms– Contrary to what many people think, rowing is a leg-dominant sport and not only about arm strength. It can be equated with a squat jump. The stroke is driven more by the leg and hip movements.
  • Developing a strong core– You will need a robust core to maintainefficacy in rowing, say the experts. Doing light to moderate exercises, includingbarbell rollouts for enhancing abdominal strength is necessary. In fact, you can resort to ding newer type of exercises to strengthen your core. Swiss ball rotations and sit-ups are also good.
  • Mixing up targets– When using the indoor rower, lots of people opt for a 3 minute warm up session. This is because they want to go fast. However, you will spot the difference in your endurance and stamina when you practice for at least 20 minutes daily. You should aim at reaching a certain speed while practicing. Trying out variety keeps you hooked on training.
  • Using other workout methods– While using the rowing machine is great to develop boating skills and develop stamina, do not overlook other equipment in the gym. To get power and develop stamina, you should resort to squats, bench presses etc. Doing bench pulls can be good for building muscles.
  • Cycling is good– Apart from using the rowing machine, you can also resort to cycling, skiing, running to enhance fitness level. This is what rowing experts call cross training. This brings variety in your training modules.
  • Trying it with mates– To ensure you do not get affected by lethargy or finish the rowing session early, it is a good idea to ask a gym buddy to use rowing machine next to you. It will also motivate you to put in more efforts. In this way, both candidates provide motivation to each other to excel.

Using these techniques will help you become a pro at rowing without much hassle. However, you may find a few methods are more suitable for your fitness and rowing practice needs than the others.

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