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10 Things to Think About Before a Run

3 Mins read

Running is a great way to get fit, unwind and feel great about yourself. If you are new to running then you should ease yourself in gradually so you don’t get injured. Here’s a simple list of things to think about before you go on a run.

10. Food

If you eat too soon before a run then you could end up with a stitch, which is seriously going to hamper your progress. If you don’t eat anything then you could run out of energy. Have a light snack about an hour before your head out. Carbohydrates are best for giving you energy so opt for something like half a bagel or a banana for slow release energy during the run.

You need food after a exercise to minimse muscle soreness and make sure you recover quickly. Again, carbs are important but make sure you get some protein in your post-workout meal too.

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