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10 Free Effective Ways To Drive Blog Traffic

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If you are trying to pitch for your blog on a much wider scale, SEO services in LA offered by ‘seoTuners’ are the best way to go ahead with. After all, the whole point of writing a blog is to be able to reach an audience, right? Here are some great ways to increase the blog traffic without running around and shouting about it!

10 Free Effective Ways To Drive Blog Traffic
Advertise your Blog

Most of the highly successful bloggers swear by the magical effects of advertising about their blog on Facebook, Twitter and other social media platforms. These days most people could be found surfing the web and spending time on their social media platforms, so any attractive advertisement is sure to catch their eye. Take help from the experienced SEO experts to know about the commercially lucrative keywords and how to gain ahead in competition.

Increase your Social Presence

If you have an impressive social media fan following, there is no way your blog will remain an unseen unheard sappy corner. Make maximum out of your social media accounts by posting catchy links, statuses, and pictures related to your content.

Use Appealing Headlines

10 Free Effective Ways To Drive Blog Traffic
Whenever you click at any link posted on Facebook, why do you do it? Odds say, 99% times it is the irresistible headlines. Remember, without a gripping heading, even the greatest content or post will go unread.

SEO is the Key to Driving Blog Traffic

Hire a skillful SEO services firm like ‘seoTUNERS’ in LA to get you the most optimized content for search engines. They will create back links, internal links, Meta descriptions and what-not to make your blog post most visible on the search engines.

Make Use of Long Tail Keywords

Few bloggers know that long-tail keywords are the most important factor behind what comes up at top in Google searches. These keywords are all widely used by the successful bloggers who know all about it.

Guest Blogging

10 Free Effective Ways To Drive Blog Traffic
This comes as a part of your socializing and networking skills. Interact with the bloggers of reputable websites and publish a guest post on it. Their trusted and loyal viewers will have an opportunity to read your stuff too.

Invite Others to Guest Post

Now, in return of posting your content on others’ bogs, you can invite the famous bloggers to write a guest post for your blog too. This will ensure that new readers will come bouncing to your blog, thanks to your highly popular guests.

Post on LinkedIn

No, LinkedIn is not only a job searching site, it is also an influential platform for publishing high-end blog posts. Being professional, LinkedIn is visited by thousands of specialized people available online.

Internal Links

The internal links in your blog posts are as important as the SEO itself. Always remember to create internal links whenever publishing your work on websites to increase the blog traffic.

Post Interviews of thought Leaders

Know a popular thought leader in LA? Request him or her to give you an interview and make full use of this opportunity by publishing them on your blog post. This will strategically enhance your reputation and will work favorably in increasing the blog traffic.

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