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Store It Like Your Grandma Did

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As food prices continue to climb, it’s becoming more difficult to eat well for less. Wonga cash loans are a great option when you need a bit of help until payday. However some longer term solution may be needed. Here are a handful of tips that will relieve the frustration of having to throw away produce that has begun to spoil just days after you’ve brought it home. Make sure you never dump your hard-earned money in the trash again.

Store It Like Your Grandma Did

Treat your Fridge Like a Friend

Knowing where best to store your food will undoubtedly save on food bills in the long-run, so it is important to always keep your fridge clean and in good condition. If you ever find yourself having a fridge/freezer malfunction, cash loan provider is able to offer a cash loan to replace or repair this vital appliance before all your food spoils along with your mood.

Pour Out your Green Onions

Chop up green onions and store them in plastic soda bottles clearly marked with the date. Make sure the onions are dry and pop them into the freezer. Then, if you need green onions in a recipe next week, you’ll avoid opening your crisper to find wilted and slimy green onions – they’re in the freezer. Pour out the quantity you need and freeze the rest.

Salt in My Milk?

You knew about salted butter but not milk. This tip really works to keep milk and even heavy cream fresh for up to a week past its use-by date. Simply pop a pinch of salt into the milk bottle or carton – this will do nothing to change its fresh taste.

Flour in the Freezer!

Flour is a grocery item most likely to be bought in bulk. But are you sick of opening that packet or container (you thought sealed quite well) and finding your flour crawling with weevils? This tip not only puts paid to weevils but will also keep your four fresh for longer – place the bag into the freezer and it could keep for more than six months. This also works beautifully for sugar. And since flour never freezes, there’s no need to thaw it.

The Friendship of Vinegar and Berries

Who would have thought that soaking berries in water and vinegar before putting them in the fridge will keep them fresh for at least another week after they’d usually spoil; strawberries last even longer. The solution is one part vinegar to 10 parts water. Douse your berries for a second or two, then rinse and into the fridge they go.

Spray the Guacamole

What’s a party without guacamole? But often you’re left with half a bowl or a tablespoon or two, but you know it won’t last till the morning. Not a problem if you spray the leftovers with cooking spray – the oils in the spray will prevent that gorgeous green from turning a spoiled brown.

Bananas Republic

This tip may seem deceptively simple but it really does work a treat. A bit of aluminium foil or plastic wrap around secured around the crown of the bananas will keep them fresh for about a week longer than they’d usually keep. Just remember to keep other fruit and veg away from the bunch – bananas give off quantities of ethylene gas which encourages other fruit and veg to quickly faster.

Use a Paper Towel to Store Lettuce

Adding a paper towel to your lettuce before storing it will absorb the moisture that causes lettuce to go bad. Just cover the lettuce in a bowl or plastic bag with paper towel and it will keep moisture from causing the lettuce to wilt, making it last up to a week longer than regular storage methods.

It’s a Wrap

Here’s another trick with foil. Wrap it around broccoli, lettuce and celery and store in the fridge’s crisper drawer. This can add another four weeks of crisp to these types of vegetables.

A Slice on the Rocks

Bring that is a couple of days past its sell-by date but has not yet gone mouldy, can be brought back to life by rubbing it with an ice cube then slipping it into the oven for 12 minutes at 200 degrees (Fahrenheit). Now you can go ahead and indulge in soft bread with a fresh taste.

Frozen Nuts

Roasted nuts are delicious. This method will also help them to keep for longer than raw nuts. Simply spread them on a baking tray in one layer and bake for 15 minutes at 350 degrees (Fahrenheit). Pop into freezer bags, date and freeze once they’ve cooled.

Have a Chat to your Grandma!

Don’t forget to share these tips with friends and family. A few decades ago, food wastage was practically unheard of. There were few ready-made meals around. They were made from scratch, the ingredients bought and carefully stored. So, have a chat to your grandma the next time you see her – you’d be surprised what advice she could have for you.

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