Big Smoke Bar & BBQ I am carnivore, hear me roar

Big Smoke is a glimmer of glamour on the grimy Donaukanal. As you sit on a slick elevated deck overlooking the path you feel like you are getting amongst it from a safe distance—ringside seats if you will. Watching the passing joggers wince as their healthy lungs fill with BBQ smoke trails is just part of fun.

Whether it be beef, ribs, pork or sausages (there are vegetarian options as well, but this ain’t no tofu and alfalfa party) great care is taken to pull and smoke the meat (sometimes for up to 15 hours). The beef brisket brioche sandwich is the perfect combination of smoky and spicy, with a taste that lingers on the lips for hours.

Devastatingly it closes at the end of September, until next year that is, when Irishman Brian Patton will be back with another carnivorous summertime pop-up. Meat sweats ahoi!

Atelier Karasinski Open-source commercial design featured

It’s not often that you get to take a peek inside the artist’s studio. But then, Polish-born conceptual designer Laura Karasinski is a welcoming kind of girl. So welcoming, in fact, that she threw the doors to her atelier—the base of operations for her eponymous design label—wide open. And there’s plenty in there for inquisitive eyes to peruse, no matter if they belong to design buffs or not.

Laura’s been extremely active over the past couple of years — as testified by her logo design, corporate branding and package design for weighty clients such as André Heller, Red Bull and Sony & Warner. Dotting the airy, white-walled and elegantly decorated space, the work on show provides ample inspiration and then some for any aspiring commercial designer.

Galerie Emanuel Layr Young at art

Layr Wuestenhagen originally opened in 2002 as a project space for emerging artists by two gallerists, Emanuel Layr and Thomas Wüstenhagen. After initial success and a hunger for larger projects, the gallery moved to a larger space, which now includes viewing galleries, offices and additional project spaces.

In March 2011 the gallery was reestablished under the directorship of Emanuel Layr, with a focus toward solo exhibitions occasionally punctuated by broadly scoped group shows. Since then the gallery’s eye for emerging talent has helped to support numerous young artists.

Levante Parliament Historically modern featured

Braiding rationalism, minimalism and technology, the Levante Parliament hotel works as both a crashpad and makeshift gallery. Since opening its doors in 2006, they offer 70 rooms and suites constructed to showcase its modern architectural structure and fine, raw materials: natural stone, glass, chrome and stained wood twist and turn to lend the hotel an earthy, handsome aesthetic. Displayed prominently in the hotel’s front area are photographs by Curt Themmessl and delicate glass structures by artist Ioan Nemtoi, who also helped conceptualize Levante’s restaurant and bar areas with a glass bar countertop and fire frames.

But the modern appeal here wasn’t always the case—the hotel’s building dates back to 1908 at the height of the Vienna School and Bauhaus movement. Today, Levante’s fitness center, sauna, garden and courtyard should appease those tired jet-setters in need of classy tranquility in the big city.

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