Deli One sandwich led to another... featured

It can be hard to get your priorities right in a city that never sleeps: Eat, drink or dance? Well, now you don’t have to, thanks to Deli – a sandwich joint to the untrained eye, a cocktail-drenched rave zone to the in-the-know partygoer. Out front you can chow down on a crunchy sub roll deep-filled with pastrami, pickles and salad, whilst kicking back on the cushioned metal stools.

Meal dispatched, it’s time to head through that clandestine door in the corner and sink a few perfectly mixed and potent concoctions in the chic, speakeasy-style bar, before hitting the intimate dance floor – soundtracked by some of Tel Aviv’s foremost electronic spinners. And keep a special eye out for the monthly Later which brings in international deep house and techno supremos to that 150-man pressure cooker of a space.

Bauhaus Center Explaining everything you see featured

Tel Aviv’s White City, a UNESCO World Heritage Site no less, hosts the largest collection of 1930s Bauhaus architecture in the entire world. Aptly housed in a building boasting the utmost in functional architecture and lots of straight lines, the Bauhaus Centre tries to make sense of the movement that emerged from Germany in the early 20th century and came to define the avant-garde in classical modernism. Indeed, it’s an educational museum situated smack-bang in the centre of what it’s teaching about – clever eh? Fortunately, if it’s all getting a bit ‘meta’ you, there’s a guided tour to help you remove the look of perplexity from your face before you get stuck into the temporary and permanent exhibitions. Better equipped than Batman, if you can’t get your head around Bauhaus here it’s probably best not to try anymore.

Verner Boutique Ready to dare featured

Stocking high-end, hyper-hip brands such as Acne and Alexander Wang, Verner has serious credentials as a luxury boutique. It’s much, much more though: in its own words a ‘creative forum’, also equipped with antiques and the works of emerging designers to complement the big names. All hand-picked by owner Shira Dolinger, Verner acts as an ode to her personal taste, which is (obviously) highly credible. A recent addition topping off this multi-faceted concoction is the Acne capsule bridal collection.

Benedict All brunch, all the time featured

There are few pleasures in life that surpass the experience of dining-out for brunch. From the nip of bubbly to the luxurious leisure of a slow-morning meal, the first meal of the day can be a small heaven on Earth. Why bother restricting it? At Benedict, a smorgasbord of breakfast options are on the table—not only every day, but every hour of the day. This classy, 24/7 eatery packs a charming, hospitable atmosphere; a darling array of champagne and fruit-purée cocktails; and a menu that pays homage to brunch traditions from around the world.

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