Micasa Pimp your pad

Interior design mecca Micasa doesn’t have a problem standing out from the crowd. You’ll guess as much before you’ve even set foot in the place. Sandwiched between two grey flat blocks, the slick, frosted-glass fronted building—designed by Triptyque —in which they’ve made their home, is a mid-20th century rose between two dreary and faceless thorns.

The impressive architecture doesn’t stop at the exterior either. Once you’ve made your way inside, you’ll catch an eyeful of unique design flourishes—bare concrete walls, a spacecraft snap-hatch entrance and a retro ‘60s airline ramp. All these touches combine to form a fitting surround for Micasa’s impressive array of locally made interior design gems that reference a range of creative mediums—from music to fashion and cinema to architecture.

Casa Natura Natural sense of wellness

Founded in 1969, integrating scientific knowledge and traditional practices of rural communities throughout Brazil, Natura is a cosmetics brand inspired to provide products for their customers that promote natural well-being and beauty.

What is curious is that the brand’s growth isn’t store based, their strategy is rather direct one to one sales, so that Natura products are commercially available throughout Brazil and a handful of other Latin American countries. Their brand message is communicated through specialist consultants instructed to impart Natura’s concept of wellness.

Recently the brand has opened “boutiques” in and around the city, giving customers the chance to sample their products with their expert assistance and courses – but no sales! It’s a wonderful place to relax and try out high end natural Brazilian products for free.

If you should be inspired to purchase any products, just hop onto their website and type in your zip code, soon after you will be contacted by your nearest consultant.

Led's Tattoo A body art dream team

Sergio Maciel—aka “Led”, tattooist to the Brazilian stars—is the famous founder of this popular studio.

At Led’s Tattoo a roster of 11 employees, each with his or her own specialty, caters to even the most intricate of body art wishes. After reviewing their portfolios, clients are asked to described the style of tattoo they wish to have (tribal, Japanese, old school, portrait) and matched up with an artist accordingly.

Eminently respectable (as the celebrity clients attest), hygienic and a purveyor of high quality tattoos, Led’s does not offer quite the unguarded frisson of a sketchier place—but it’s all for the best, really.

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