Micasa Pimp your pad

Interior design mecca Micasa doesn’t have a problem standing out from the crowd. You’ll guess as much before you’ve even set foot in the place. Sandwiched between two grey flat blocks, the slick, frosted-glass fronted building—designed by Triptyque —in which they’ve made their home, is a mid-20th century rose between two dreary and faceless thorns.

The impressive architecture doesn’t stop at the exterior either. Once you’ve made your way inside, you’ll catch an eyeful of unique design flourishes—bare concrete walls, a spacecraft snap-hatch entrance and a retro ‘60s airline ramp. All these touches combine to form a fitting surround for Micasa’s impressive array of locally made interior design gems that reference a range of creative mediums—from music to fashion and cinema to architecture.

Rua Conselheiro Crispiniano For photo lovers and adventurers

For the gadget-addicted in need of hard-to-find photography accessories or old school shooters searching for antique cameras, the many specialty shops on Rua Conselheiro Crispiniano present a delightful prospect.

This street near the Municipal Theater is populated solely by retailers focused on the ins and outs of photography—equipment (new and old), developing, classes etc. If you aren’t sure quite where to find what you’re looking for, stop in and ask at the first shop you come to: as comrades in arms, the merchants are all more than happy to direct you to the competitor stocking the item in question.

Strange connections bred from shared photo-passion often follow a visit to Conselheiro Crispiniano. You can easily end up developing black and white film with an octogenarian Japanese man in a dusty top-floor flat, if that’s your idea of fun.

Mundorama Stylish snipping

Whether you dream of dreadlocks or bangs on a bias, talented, good-looking Raul is the man for you. He and his equally inventive colleagues at Mundorama will shake you out of your boring old hairdo routines and send you out into the street with an infinitely more interesting style.

Located on the second floor of the Galeria Ouro Fino, Mundorama caters to even the most extreme hirsute needs, from exotic dye jobs and funkily streaky highlights to rock star cuts. And this salon’s talents even extend beyond the world of hairdressing: on demand, skilled technicians apply hip makeup or a mean manicure.

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