Beco do Batman Urban gallery

Vibrant, lurid, sprawling São Paulo may bear more than a passing resemblance to DC Comics’ Gotham City—but Beco do Batman’s (“Batman Alley”) brash colors and stark angles beat those of any graphic novel.

Every inch of this street art landmark is covered with graffiti of the finest order. Much of it is produced by artists associated with São Paulo’s urban intervention schemes, but the Beco do Batman also attracts sprayers and stencilers from all over the world.

With its layers upon layers of paint, Beco do Batman is a constantly changing wonder: there’s a new surprise every day, so it’ll draw you back again and again.

Hipodromo de Cidade Jardim Off to the races

If you fancy a far-sighted flutter or are simply partial to the viewing pleasures of a good horse race, the Hipodromo de Cidade Jardim is the place for you: it boasts some of the most spectacular contests and noblest beasts in all Brazil.

Built in 1941, the home of the Jockey Club de São Paulo features a grass and a sand track, as well as two auxiliary training lanes. Cheering from the stands is always exciting, but the art nouveau-style Restaurante Charlô offers the best view—a bird’s eye of the racetrack, framed by São Paulo’s concrete skyline—along with coffee, cocktails and a handsome, varied buffet.

Sensus Day Spa Spoil yourself

Renewing energy and relieving tension are Sensus Day Spa’s main areas of expertise. This classic pampering center provide an irresistible range of health and beauty treatments, from a mouth-watering selection of massages (ayurvedic; deep tissue; with hot rocks, bamboo, shells etc) to baths, facials, acupuncture, body posture correction—and much, much more.

You may not look quite like a king (or queen) while wearing a silkworm mask or while immersing yourself in a colorful, scented bath, but you will certainly feel like one. Your mind and body will thanks you later. And there are even “Yin-Yang” treatments for couples in search of a new way to reconnect…

Olimpia Spa Respite from city life

Health and beauty are not easily maintained in a metropolis the size of São Paulo: sometimes we urban-dwellers need to take a break from this concrete jungle—by heading over to Olimpia Spa.

These inner-city sanctuaries offers aesthetic treatments (such as peeling, cellulite reduction, artificial tanning and aesthetic dentistry), massages (shiatsu, reflexology, hot stone and candle), relaxing baths (in tubs of wine, chocolate, herbs or maracujá juice) and much more. If you find the diversity of Olimpia Spa’s menu a little overwhelming, the full and half-day spas will provide a mélange of the treatments that suit you best.

The spa is also located on the same street as Tantra, an Asian restaurant with colorful, exotic (and even aphrodisiac) dishes, a perfect fit with the rest of the day’s activities.

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