Circo no Beco Make 'em laugh

Children, circus fans and artists often gather at this unofficial rendezvous point in an otherwise unremarkable Vila Madalena alleyway.

Clowns, jugglers, conjurers, trapeze artists—the whole spectrum of circus art—train, perform and otherwise make their entertainment magic here.

These open air activities are all free, but in accordance with street performance custom, a hat is often passed around to collect contributions at the end of the shows.

Since these mini circuses take place right in front of the Cidade Escola Aprendiz, an NGO dedicated to teaching art to kids from all social classes, it is common to see scores of these young “apprentices” mingling with the cheerful circus crowd.

Hipodromo de Cidade Jardim Off to the races

If you fancy a far-sighted flutter or are simply partial to the viewing pleasures of a good horse race, the Hipodromo de Cidade Jardim is the place for you: it boasts some of the most spectacular contests and noblest beasts in all Brazil.

Built in 1941, the home of the Jockey Club de São Paulo features a grass and a sand track, as well as two auxiliary training lanes. Cheering from the stands is always exciting, but the art nouveau-style Restaurante Charlô offers the best view—a bird’s eye of the racetrack, framed by São Paulo’s concrete skyline—along with coffee, cocktails and a handsome, varied buffet.

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