Kart In Speed demons

It’s the best of both worlds: all the thrill and speed of car racing with all the safety of a children’s playground. Kart In covers an astounding 45,000 square feet and includes the 36,000 foot “Super” track, although the slightly less adventurous might prefer the 2,600 foot “Kart In” or even the 980 foot “Kart In Jr” (mainly for the under six crowd). To keep things fresh, the tracings are changed every six months.

Go-karters craving some Michael Schumacher-style glamour are invited to join groups of 15 to 20 people in a miniature Grand Prix, complete with a podium awards ceremony. Champagne not included—but obligatory equipment such as helmets, gloves and various protective padding is provided free of cost.

Sensus Day Spa Spoil yourself

Renewing energy and relieving tension are Sensus Day Spa’s main areas of expertise. This classic pampering center provide an irresistible range of health and beauty treatments, from a mouth-watering selection of massages (ayurvedic; deep tissue; with hot rocks, bamboo, shells etc) to baths, facials, acupuncture, body posture correction—and much, much more.

You may not look quite like a king (or queen) while wearing a silkworm mask or while immersing yourself in a colorful, scented bath, but you will certainly feel like one. Your mind and body will thanks you later. And there are even “Yin-Yang” treatments for couples in search of a new way to reconnect…

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