Row NYC Making you feel brand new featured
WE Hostel Design Slumbers for the sleepers

You’ve heard the ‘collaborative vision of two creative buddies’ schtick all before, so let’s do away with the pretense for this one. It’s a boutique hostel, it’s in a repurposed turn-of-the-20th century mansion, and it’s very, very white — i.e. a bit of a nightmare on a bright day with a hangover.

WE is more than just a 450m2 blank canvas, though. Design is the buzzword within these walls, as you’ve probably deduced from the rather literal name. There’s original pieces of graphic art on the walls created especially for the hostel, and all the furniture has been pilfered from surrounding flea markets, restored, and set out sparingly in the communal areas to offset the monochromatic color scheme. Shiny, dark-wood floors and the odd stained-glass window do their bit to help too.

The dorms are decent, if a little lacking in things to excite the eyes, and good value too. A bed in a four person dorm’ll set you back just under 50BRL. To sum up, it’s a kind of swanky bedsit where slumming-it creative types can sit in circles in the communal areas playing electro remixes of kumbaya on their iPad minis. Enjoy.

Bar Secreto Incognito all-night indulgence

Blessed with a talent for haute nightlife espionage, Bar Secreto is a dab hand at keeping itself undercover and exclusive. That name is designed to throw people off for a start. This ain’t a bar, it’s very much a club, and a damn swanky one at that. And Secreto stays that way thanks to the mysteriously named ‘Hostess’, who presides over the entrance with a searchlight gaze and a watertight guest list.

Once you’ve managed to negotiate your way past her (whether it be by charm, privilege or secret password), you’ll be welcomed into a candle-lit cavern of a room stylishly—and opulently—furnished with cocoa-dark leather couches, paintings, chandeliers and a ‘casually’ placed piano. A soundtrack that ranges from rock to electro, meanwhile, drifts out of the incognito speaker system for fashionable and famous feet to move to. Just take care not to tread on any of those trendy toes while you’re two-steppin’ or you could find yourself back outside on the kerb.

Cartel 011 Off the bandwagon, onto the cart(el)

Don’t try to pigeonhole this place. Part art gallery, part design store, part restaurant, part co-working space, we could go on…but basically it’s exploding with ideas and energy. From product launches to music sessions, there’s always something going on at Cartel 011. Founded in 2009 with the intention of transforming the urban environment, it’s a case of so far, so bloody brilliant.

Guarapiranga Golf and Country Club Hole in one featured

On greens nestled next to the lush tropical vegetation of the Guarapiranga Reservoir, it’s easy to understand why golf is becoming increasingly popular in Brazil—and why this is the best place in the country to play it.

The Guarapiranga Golf and Country Club, situated at a mere 30 minutes by car from central São Paulo, features a state-of-the-art 18-hole course (including an awe-inspiring back nine almost entirely surrounded by water), equipment rentals and caddy services, a driving range, a putting green and a restaurant that serves a fine range of appropriately stiff post-game cocktails. Could a golf lover ask for anything more?

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