Le Comptoir Général Exotic slices of bohemia featured

Le Comptoir Général is impossible to pigeonhole. That should give you some indication as to how special this cross-cultural maverick is. Part gallery, part concert hall, part café, part you just don’t know – it’s billed by their humble selves as a ‘ghetto museum’ that celebrates marginalized Francophone-African cultures. But that doesn’t come close to describing the bohemian jungle found within. The tumble-down walls and plant-ridden rooms are abuzz with activity from weekend brunches to cinema screenings. And if you don’t feel like leaving this whacked-out wonderland, you’re in luck—the beautiful vintage bar stays open late so you can sup on some African brews and slowly watch the night unfold.

Electric A forest of creative connections featured

Drawing Paris’ culturally clued-up crowd to the outlands of the 15th arrondissement is no easy feat, but Electric—the city’s new, futuristic focal-point of bohemia—has got them flocking south-west in their droves. Billing itself as an ‘alternative cultural center’ (part geographical jape perhap?), the venue plays host to a variety of bespoke cross-disciplinary events—ranging from fashion trade fairs to late-night party blowouts. It’s the space itself though that’s been sending shocks through the Parisian landscape. The 1000m2 main room, with its gnarled fibreglass tree centrepiece, affords stunning panoramic views over the city that a trip up the Eiffel Tower would have trouble bettering. Add to that a 400m2 adjoining balcony, a gargantuan 22,000m2 outdoor esplanade and a lighting system based entirely around video projection (the first of its kind in the world), and it’s not hard to see why Electric has the scope to indulge the wildest of ambitions that other more centrally located venues couldn’t indulge in their wildest of dreams.

Concrete Hard like Sunday morning featured

Parisian parties took a serious nosedive somewhere in the noughties. Everything was all becoming a bit samey until Concrete blew a massive boat-sized hole in the city’s nightlife. So much so that it isn’t even at night any more. With a game-changing Seine-side locale, they can max out their Funktion One speakers for one filthy 19-hour mashup, and there’s not a peep out of the neighbors, simply ‘cos there aren’t any. Thoughts of this being some dark ’n loud after-hour gurn-fest, should be (at least partly) erased from your mind however. Lots of light reaches into the venue and in the summer, well, it’s all feet on deck! The techno-house soundtrack is marshalled by some real international ringers—no space to drop names here though, the word count won’t allow it. And everything takes place on the sleepiest of family days, so get your Sunday dinner excuse in early.

Club Silencio It's no longer your film featured

David Lynch has switched his focus—once consumed by mystifying moviegoers with subversive, surreal film, it’s Paris nightowls who are now ripe for some existential confusion. Club Silencio, owned by the man himself, is his eponymous version of the bar in ‘Mulholland Drive’, hidden in the subterranean depths of a building that has a grande amount of cultural va-va-voom to speak of itself—old headquarters of leftie rag L’Aurore, and where French electronic-duo Justice recorded their debut.

Intimate, golden and shrouded in artificial lighting, in truth Club Silencio doesn’t plunge the ultimate depths of Lynchian weirdness—there’s no red-suited dwarves lurking about—but it’s got the atmosphere bang-on. The mission is creative expression, stretching from the concert hall and private theater to the constantly-evolving cocktail menu. The big task—getting membership. Pre 12am, Silencio is a highly exclusive spot for top creatives to mingle, and maybe, just maybe find some divine inspiration for their pet project.

Wanderlust Along the Seine, out of the box featured

Along the Seine and adjacent to the Cite de la Mode et du Design is a burgeoning creative space, an experimental gastronomic experience as well as the largest riverside terrace in Paris. Though its space is certainly big, Wanderlust treads an even wider amount of territory with its full array of cultural and couture-addled pleasantries. An open-air cinema, outdoor bar, club and a restaurant led by rising celebrity chef Benjamin Darnaud explains the allure of this center dedicated to unconventionality amidst a city better known for its long-standing traditions.

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