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New York
B&H Dairy
Holla at'cha challah

This old fashioned coffee shop style deli cooks up some of the best kosher dairy food around. Colored paper printouts of daily specials hang along the kitchen, enticing diners with traditional tastes like borscht or split-pea soups, pirogi, latkes and blintzes so good you might have to keep them a secret from your grandma (should your grandma take pride in her blintzes). A giant fresh pile of home-fries awaits consumption from the short-order grill, from where eggs and powerful tuna-melts are also cooked.

All sandwiches are served on homemade challah bread. The two-person counter staff is quick and friendly, and at the least, who can’t appreciate the old Eastern European ladies making it happen in the back kitchen? Full-fledged approval for an East Village gem.

B&H Dairy
  • 127 Second Ave.
  • 10003 New York
  • +12125058065
  • Daily, 7am-11pm
  • SF at Second Ave.

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