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Max Neuhaus: Times Square
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Times Square may be one of the most worthwhile things to check out in Times Square, but let’s explain this first. Set up in 1977 by the American artist Max Neuhaus, Times Square is a sound installation with no noticeable components besides the constant emission of a didgeridoo-like hum.

Located on the pedestrian triangle between 45th and 46th streets, there’s no sense in looking for the physical source of the bell-toned humming given that it’s located in a subway tunnel. Yet despite its underground location, the sound is audible at the eye level, further veiling it amongst the constant assault of environs and stimuli caused by the traffic, tourists and ebullient billboards. It’s worth spending some time noticing how, as Neuhaus put it in his dated description of Times Square, “tourists, theatergoers, commuters, pimps, shoppers, hucksters and office workers” pass by the installation without regard to what’s real and, well, “almost plausible”.

Max Neuhaus: Times Square
  • Times Square
  • 10036 New York
  • S1 S2 S3 S7 SN SQ SR SS at Times Sq-42nd St

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