Suma Beach Good vibrations featured

The lovechild of Wake Up Call and Suma Han, it came as no big surprise when Suma Beach turned out to be the no-holds-barred party beast that it is. On the opening night in summer 2013, over 1000 of Istanbul’s most insatiable hedonists raved till last man standing – which is pretty damn late in the day… after next. Having set a high benchmark, they didn’t disappoint with weekend after weekend of blissed-out revelry. The lineups—featuring the likes of Dixon, Henrik Schwarz and Jennifer Cardini—are house music of the highest order, pitch perfect for those multiple sunrise-sunset moments.

In decoration and spirit, it’s clearly inspired by the late Bar 25 in Berlin. That translates into a festival-like atmosphere in which to discover the various wooded corners, swinging hammocks and curious party folk. By night, lasers and light installations provide an overdose of eye candy, and by day, the sun draws you out to the refreshing embrace of the Black Sea. (Said embrace is gonna cost you a few extra bucks by the way). It’s about 45 minutes drive from Istanbul so check their Facebook listings before charging out there. Better yet, make use of their free shuttles back and forth from Taksim or more regularly from the metro stop Hacıosman. Suma Beach reopens for the 2014 season on June 7th…

Civan The cut of your jib featured

There’s an elegance to Civan pieces—from the sharp-looking shirts, to their trousers and bow ties—that’s underlined by attention to detail and quality base materials. With vintage odds-and-ends arranged tastefully throughout the shop, the place has a certain nostalgic charm, while also being literally on the cutting edge: an in-house tailor is kept constantly busy. Their creations might cost more than your average H&M knockoff, but don’t skimp—you’re getting top class after all.

Le Fumoir Voulez-vous Fumoir avec moi?

Le Fumior might not be for the frugal hearted, but the menu delivers in spades with all the Gallic classics spoken for. All manners of the best French nectar keep the wine list up to scratch, and with a pavilion open during the summer, there’s the opportunity to laze beneath palms and survey the Bosphorus with the ultimate hot weather accessory: a cocktail.

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