Ficcin Run the gauntlet

Ficcin isn’t so much a restaurant as a culinary gauntlet of storefronts, dining rooms and outdoor seating that envelops both sides of a street. What unifies this seemingly rag-tag band of offshoot eateries, though, is the quality of their authentic Turkish cuisine. Opening much earlier than you probably thought of getting out of bed, baked quiches, apple cookies and a selection of pastries await intrepid early-risers. It’s at lunchtime, however, that this street-long sprawl really kicks into gear and the tables fill up as Meze plates of tantalizing Turkish and Circassian specialties such as slow-cooked shredded chicken, manti dumplings and various shareable pastries flood out of the kitchens.

Civan The cut of your jib featured

There’s an elegance to Civan pieces—from the sharp-looking shirts, to their trousers and bow ties—that’s underlined by attention to detail and quality base materials. With vintage odds-and-ends arranged tastefully throughout the shop, the place has a certain nostalgic charm, while also being literally on the cutting edge: an in-house tailor is kept constantly busy. Their creations might cost more than your average H&M knockoff, but don’t skimp—you’re getting top class after all.

Witt Istanbul Suites Just do Witt featured

If you’re staying at Witt Istanbul Suites, it won’t take long before you notice the bevy of boho cafés, brimful of hipsters sitting side-by-side with local artists in the Cihangir district. This seventeen-roomed boutique hotel isn’t just a roof over your head, it comes across more like a showcase for retro-chic furniture designers from all over the world.

Lastik Pabuc Sneakers and superlatives

Boutique and sneakers often go hand in hand, but Lastik Pabuc moulds together the two bedfellows better than most at this top spot for discerning sneaker snobs. Vintage posters occupy most of the wall space, appropriate for a vibe almost record-store-esque in feel. They stock the standard range of above standard brands including heavy-hitters like Adidas and Nike.

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