Fortunen Nordic nonchalance featured

It’s not easy to make the transition from daylight nosher to late-night swiller, but Fortunen makes a sterling job of it. Their (poorly kept) secret? Craft local brews on tap, mean cocktails flowing from the mixers and a consistent lineup of DJs who fall firmly into the ‘up and coming’ category (read: unknown but damn good). The main draw of this establishment, though, is still its food.

The term gastropub is often abused to justify ridiculous prices for small dishes, so we won’t do Fortunen the injustice of calling it that. It’s rather a casual modern eatery with a mix-and-match approach to dining. They recommend two to four dishes per person, so it’s best to go with an unfussy friend and get really stuck into the menu. The grilled hanger steak is not to be missed, though it’s pretty hard to put a foot wrong.

Faurschou Foundation Privately funded, publicly brilliant

This massive exhibition space, along with its equally ample brother in Beijing, has long been a cutting-edge powerhouse on the international contemporary art scene. Privately-owned by the eponymous divorced duo, Jens and Luise, the Faurschou Foundation has amassed an influential collection of works over a span of 25 years; putting on large-scale exhibitions of highly-esteemed pieces that are free for the public. Re-conceptualized in late 2012, the cavernous multi-room space now displays an array of sculpture, installations, photography and painting from figures such as Mexican-born, Berlin-based Damián Ortega and the pluralistic, medium-hopping German Christian Lemmerz.

Motto Charlottenborg Cultural compendium

The integrity of tangible books might be in jeopardy, but places like Motto Charlottenborg remain ever-resilient to change. Cross-genre in nature, Motto is housed in an elegant art hall and cultural hot spot. A self-publishing showcase, the walls boast an array of vibrant pièces de résistance of the aesthetic world, while open space for exhibitions, forums, and lectures allows lovers of the medium to wax poetic about the function of publishing and writing in a fast-paced world.

Bankeråt Gloriously grotesque featured

The first thing you’ll notice about this dark, dingy spot is the rust colored walls and stuffed animals in human clothing dotted about the interior, like the stuffed polarbear greeting guests in his tuxedo, drink in hand and baring his gritty teeth, or the antelope dressed in a priest’s robe. The artwork adorning the rooms has a haunting and sometimes horrible beauty.

It’s common to find people in here already drunk since lunchtime, giving Bankeråt a relaxed vibe that makes every day seem like a Saturday and coaxing everyone to join in the fun.

Bankeråt also offers food inspired by international recipes, (serving items such as African tortillas, English breakfast, or the E speciale—our favorite) prepared with natural ingredients, priced reasonably and well portioned. Mornings are particularly busy due to the popularity of breakfast here, although the primary reason for coming is the endearing atmosphere and crowd of regulars. This is not a place where you’re likely to feel alone.

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