Restaurant 25
Bar 25 gets grubbing

The beloved beach bar hugging the Spree is a weekend-in-a-club establishment, literally a mini villa replete with a thriving bar, sectioned-off stage section, restaurant and even a hostel. Unfortunately, quantity does not equal quality when it comes to Restaurant25.

With a menu of German-fusion cuisine that looks good on paper, in actuality, the dishes fall short. Slightly bland flavors and poor use of ingredients are its shortfalls, despite featuring hefty crowd-pleasers like monk fish and other seasonal favorites. The food errs on the side of miss more than hit, so skip the meal (which will cost you upwards of 20 Euros) and beeline towards the bar instead.

Restaurant 25
  • Holzmarktstrasse 25
  • 10243 Berlin
  • U8 S9 S7 S75 S5 at Jannowitzbrücke; S9 S7 S75 S5 S3 at Ostbahnhof

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