City Chicken
The champ

Those of you in the know will no doubt have already heard about this Neukölln institution, which for some time has been amassing a reputation as one of the very best fast food joints in the city.

Here, as you no doubt guessed from the name, it’s all about the chicken. City Chicken’s premium poulet can only be rivaled elsewhere in the city by the perfectly crispy skin from the Hühnerhaus. For some time the aforementioned take-out has gone unchallenged as the chicken challenge champ, but for our money the meat at City Chicken is far more succulent than their slightly more saliva sapping specimens.

From the menu, there’s one obvious choice—the ½ menü with chips, salad, humous and garlic sauce served with a couple of flat breads to tear into the meat. This will set you back 5€ for a man sized portion which you will struggle to tackle on your own.

The crispy, salty skin and the awesomely flavorsome flesh—in combination with the tartness of that funny looking yet delicious radioactive pink stuff—is just the perfect remedy for a grade A hangover. And there is no better place to enjoy such a hearty banquet than on one of the outside tables with a view straight down the barrel of the bustling Sonnenallee.

City Chicken
  • Sonnenallee 59
  • 12045 Berlin
  • +49306248600
  • U7 at Rathaus Neukölln

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