Kaschk Shuffle the night

The riddle reads: “king of the night, hero of the day,” and the answer is the new affiliate of Oslo Kaffebar: Kaschk. Serving finely tuned espresso all day—with a quirky pricing system based on your preferred ratio of milk to coffee—when the time comes for other cafes to close shop and head home, the “hero of the day” clearly isn’t tired yet. Instead, Kaschk switches to bar mode: ta-da—and a handsome list of craft beers, from Norway to America, are at your disposal.

If you’re feeling restless and thinking that drinks alone ain’t gonna do for your evening, then you’ve come to the right place. For the title “king of the night” isn’t claimed easily. As a rule of thumb, if there’s a downstairs, the treasure’s usually there—the treasure being the first ever shuffleboard in Germany. This bar game resembles curling (minus the ice and the broomstick) and is good for two to eight players. Considering that it combines heavy boozing and a precise judgement of distances, the potential for hilarity is huge. And if you’re ever stuck for a rainy day idea, Kaschk’s board is better than your board game selection. Trust us.

KINDL - Center for Contemporary Art Kunst vom Fass

When big-time brewers Berliner Kindl moved out of this red-brick behemoth in Neukölln, you just knew it wouldn’t take long for the building to be reclaimed and repurposed Berlin-style. Now set to be a multi-cultural, multi-purpose home to a diverse array of contemporary art, the Brauerei is enlivened once more. Kicking things off with a bang, the first space to be reopened is the 20-metre high Boiler House, showcasing a full-size airplane suspended in a perpetual nosedive—a site-specific installation from Roman Signer. The monstrous metal beer stills that punctuate the main hall and the three-storey Power House are behind closed doors for now but watch this space… KINDL has some big things a-brewing.

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