Life Swaps: Part II Timberland creatives takeover Berlin featured
Hopfenreich Vice to virtue

Looking for a Kneipe that is actually on an Eck? For a place that has more than just Schultheiss and Bitburger on tap? Somewhere that you can turn that niggling alcohol addiction into a bona fide hobby? Ladies and gentlemen, we give you Hopfenreich! Which in case you didn’t make it beyond B1 Deutsch, translates as ‘hoppy’, as in this beer has some taste and doesn’t require a shot of luminous Waldmeister syrup to make it palatable.

With a stonking 14 beers on the pumps, this is one of the widest selections of draft beer in the city. Sure, you might only get a 200ml taster for your regular beer money, but it comes in a jaunty, thin-necked glass and with a license to swan around town calling yourself a beer sommelier. As a rule of thumb: the higher the price, the funkier the taste, so if you’re new to the game, ease in at the cheaper side of proceedings. All aboard the craft beer bandwagon, it’s cosy in here.

Dae Mon Korean goes contemporary

After five years of calling the shots at Kimchi Princess, the time had come for Hyun Wanner to leave his beloved hibachi grills behind and strike it out alone with a more refined approach to Korean cuisine. Swapping the rowdy Kreuzberg digs for a quiet spot on Monbijouplatz, the whole experience has been distinctly Mitte-fied. That means sleek, minimal surroundings; waiters sporting the man bun undercut; and prices that would make a backpacker blush. Not to mention an obsessive attention to detail in every dish…

The ingredients are truly top notch, as are the playful combinations of flavors that arrive on slabs of natural gray slate. Paired with swords of asparagus and calamaretti rings, the Atlantic Halibut is melt-in-your-Mund fresh and a definite highlight. Likewise, their classic Black Angus bulgogi is not to be missed. Sweet tooths can finish in style with a blackened sesame panna cotta or the fiery ginger crème brûlée. Not afraid to experiment in their proud open kitchen, Dae Mon is a progressive new player on Berlin’s ever-burgeoning Korean food scene.

Anita Berber Where the wild things are

What happens to DJs when they get old? It remains one of life’s big mysteries; up there alongside the pyramids, why asparagus makes your pee smell funny, and Berghain’s door policy. Well, wonder no more people, because veterans of the local techno scene—Sammy Dee and Tom Clark—have provided the answer in the shape of Anita Berber. They open their own little club, naturally. And the good news is: there’s not a debilitating crack habit or bleeding ear tinnitus in sight. On the contrary, it is actually quite a sophisticated affair…

Named after the notorious cabaret dancer, Anita Berber takes its style cues from the 1920s complete with Art Deco figurine lamps, golden ceiling fans and barmen in dazzling white shirts. That said, it makes a fair stab at contemporary Berlin too. Located in the shadows of a hulking post-industrial complex, on approach you feel as though you are uncovering the raw 4/4 beating heart of the city. And it doesn’t really disappoint. The atmosphere is more intimate and sultry than big room euphoric, making it a good pick for when you want more than a bar but less than a shirts-off rave. All things considered, it’s an impressive addition to the Wedding night and a solid starting point for those wishing to trace back the city’s famed debauchery over the last century. All in the name of history, of course.

KINDL - Center for Contemporary Art Kunst vom Fass

When big-time brewers Berliner Kindl moved out of this red-brick behemoth in Neukölln, you just knew it wouldn’t take long for the building to be reclaimed and repurposed Berlin-style. Now set to be a multi-cultural, multi-purpose home to a diverse array of contemporary art, the Brauerei is enlivened once more. Kicking things off with a bang, the first space to be reopened is the 20-metre high Boiler House, showcasing a full-size airplane suspended in a perpetual nosedive—a site-specific installation from Roman Signer. The monstrous metal beer stills that punctuate the main hall and the three-storey Power House are behind closed doors for now but watch this space… KINDL has some big things a-brewing.

Type Hype Letters for the win

Welcome to alphabet world. In the shop littered area around Weinmeisterstraße, this store is dedicated entirely to the love of letters. Each and every one of Type Hype’s self-designed products are available with all manner of typography—from A to Z—scrawled all over them. That said, in store there does seem to be a major emphasis on the letters T, H, Y, P, E, (can you think why?).

Picking up the concept behind alphabetti spaghetti and really running with it, Type Hype dips its digital ink into all the bases, selling not only food but home and kitchenware, drink, stationery, bags, the list goes on… This is a great place to get a present for that friend who doesn’t really need anything or to indulge the inner typofile in all of us. And if those letters just get too much, they have a Milchbar in the middle of the shop to have a coffee at and see if you can recite the alphabet back to front.

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