House of Small Wonder Whimsical afternoons

Following in the footsteps of a certain Leonard Cohen song, House of Small Wonder first took New York before heading over the pond to Berlin. Seeing as their cafe was such a hit with the Brooklynites, the husband and wife team thought they’d try their luck in Europe, whose relaxed cafe vibes inspired them in the first place. Their concept of Americo-Japanese fusion has been an immediate hit with the Mitte masses, starved of an original lunch spot around Friedrichstraße.

Serving all-day brunch and home-cooked lunch, the menu is a combination of breakfast classics, baked goods and tasty sandwiches—alongside Japanese options, like Okinawan Taco rice, a take on the Tex Mex special that actually has no taco in sight. The space itself is a large wonder, flooded with light and reminiscent of a greenhouse. Or maybe it’s the abundance of potted and hanging plants that stirs this feeling. A mish-mash of materials, the walls are made of salvaged wooden planks, and stained glass windows have been transformed into quirky lamps. While the entrance at first seems like a waste of space, up the spiral staircase awaits a little paradise. And lots of cute Japanese waitresses.

Hopfenreich Vice to virtue

Looking for a Kneipe that is actually on an Eck? For a place that has more than just Schultheiss and Bitburger on tap? Somewhere that you can turn that niggling alcohol addiction into a bona fide hobby? Ladies and gentlemen, we give you Hopfenreich! Which in case you didn’t make it beyond B1 Deutsch, translates as ‘hoppy’, as in this beer has some taste and doesn’t require a shot of luminous Waldmeister syrup to make it palatable.

With a stonking 14 beers on the pumps, this is one of the widest selections of draft beer in the city. Sure, you might only get a 200ml taster for your regular beer money, but it comes in a jaunty, thin-necked glass and with a license to swan around town calling yourself a beer sommelier. As a rule of thumb: the higher the price, the funkier the taste, so if you’re new to the game, ease in at the cheaper side of proceedings. All aboard the craft beer bandwagon, it’s cosy in here.

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